Friday, August 21, 2020

"Chinese Social Credit and Pandemic": PowerPoint for Presentation at 3rd Annual Innovation and Technology Law Conference 21 August 2020

I am taking this opportunity to share the PowerPoint of my presentation to be delivered at the 3rd Annual Innovation and Technology Law Conference 21 August 2020

The presentation is entitled Chinese Social Credit and Pandemic and considers the insights that Chinese approaches to data driven governance might provide to the rabidly emerging systems of surveillance, accountability, and compliance that have been emerging in the West.  The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be a greater driver of accelerating advances in these areas. Some worry that in the rush to envelop the governance of societal and political orders with data and data driven analytics, the traditional law based constraints on governmental power--both the power to impose its will and the authority of its administrators to directly exercise discretion in the exercise of that assertion of (police) power--will be displaced by a different system generating and applying political and moral values. Those who worry, then worry further that in the process of displacement--both of the traditional guardians of the values within which political systems retain legitimacy, and the content of those values--will change, and not for the better (from the perspective as guardians of the traditional system. 

Please consider registering and attending the event.  Registration and program information may be accessed HERE

The PowerPoint (with embedded links) may be accessed HERE: Backer_Seattle_SocialCreditPandemic.

Images of the PowerPoint also follow below.

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