Friday, January 27, 2012

Socialism With Cuban Characteristics: The National Conference of the Cuban Communist Party and Its Effects

In April, 2011, after fourteen years without one, the Cuban Communist Party held its 6th Party Congress in which it adopted a number of guidelines for changes to the Cuban economy and society. 

"The Sixth Congress laid out the road map for economic policy changes on this Caribbean island, and left the conference to decide matters such as changes in the country's political "nomenclature" and whether to adopt a rule limiting terms in the party and the government to a maximum of 10 years."  (From Patricia Grogg, Countdown to First Communist Party Conference, IPS, Jan. 18, 2012).  See, Backer, Larry Catá, 'Order, Discipline and Exigency': Cuba's VIth Party Congress, the Lineamientos (Guidelines) and Structural Change in Education, Sport and Culture? (July 1, 2011).