Friday, April 04, 2014

Shaoming Zhu, "Introduction to China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone"--New Coalition for Peace & Ethics Working Paper

Shaoming Zhu, an S.J.D. candidate at Penn State University has recently produced an analysis of an important recent innovation in China's economic policy, as it seeks to continue to open its economy to foreign investment.  Entitled,  "Introduction to China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone", the paper considers the shape of China's experiments in opening its economy.  The paper may be accessed HERE.

Abstract: China is experimenting with economic development along socialist lines but which embrace principles of market efficiencies. The establishment of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter CSPFTZ) is meant to serve as a significant measure taken by the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee to promote reform and opening-up under changing global economic conditions and to undertake exploration of new systems of foreign investment management within China’s structures of Socialist Democracy. These systems are grounded in greater parity of access for foreign and domestic enterprises. This paper explores the parameters within which this effort is being undertaken.

Additional Working Papers from the Coalition for Peace and Ethics may be ACCESSED HERE.

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