Saturday, December 27, 2014

Forgotten Archipelago--Flora Sapio's Documents and Resources on China's Criminal Justice

I am happy to announce that my colleague Flora Sapio has revived her marvelous blog--Forgotten Archipelago.  For those interested in  documents and resources on China's Criminal Justice, this resource is indispensable.  

I conceived Forgotten Archipelago in 2007, as a virtual repository of documents on criminal justice and politics in China. After a two year pause, I came back and I am expanding the blog to include legal documents of the Chinese Communist Party and other materials I have accumulated over the years.

By visiting this blog you are much more than accessing some sections of my private archive. You are entering an intellectual free zone, where from time to time conversations with academic books and essays may be started in an atmosphere of playful provocation.

About me

I am a China law scholar whose main research interest is criminal justice writ large. Since December 2014 I am on a hiatus from full time, residential academic positions in order to complete a philosophy degree. More information about me can be found here. In my free time I enjoy swimming, gardening and cooking.

For those interested  in the move toward socialist rule of law within the Chinese Communist Party, the "Chinese Communist Party Regulations on enacting Party laws and regulations" may prove quite useful.

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