Monday, March 09, 2015

Part 9: (Whose Project; Does the Individual Exist?): Dialogues on a Philosophy for the Individual

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With this post Flora Sapio and I (and friends from time to time) continue an experiment in collaborative dialogue. The object is to approach the issue of philosophical inquiry from another, and perhaps more fundamentally ancient, manner. We begin, with this post, to develop a philosophy for the individual that itself is grounded on the negation of the isolated self as a basis for thought, and for elaboration. This conversation, like many of its kind, will develop naturally, in fits and starts. Your participation is encouraged. For ease of reading Flora Sapio is identified as (FS), and Larry Catá Backer as (LCB).

We continue with the discussion among Flora Sapio Larry Catá Backer, Paul Van Fleet and Betita Horn Pepulim in which the friends discuss the value of participation in this enterprise whose borders are not fixed.

Contents: HERE.

(BHP) Larry Catá Backer and Flora Sapio Imperatrix Maris. I feel I must apologize to you both. I got into the discussion of you, but I realized I'm doing observations leading to a line of thought that was not the purpose of this discussion. As we are from different areas of knowledge, our conceptual base is different and our world view as well. Not a bad thing, but it is different. In this context I find myself more disturbing than helping. rsrsrs I will limit myself from now to read what the two of you will write (hopefully I can be quiet. Lol) so that you two can go on. This discussion is very cool! Parabéns!

(FS) ?!?! Disturbing?! You are not disturbing! Come on!

(BHP) rsrsrsrs, Que bom Flora Sapio Imperatrix Maris! Você é muito querida!! Ok! rsrsrs.
(FS) I mean, we cannot all have the same worldview - having different worldviews is good!
(BHP) No doubt dear Flora Sapio Imperatrix Maris, but i feel that his philosophical conceptual basis as well as the philosophical Larry conceptual basis is stronger than mine.And as i'm having fun and being instigated not want to disrupt.As for different worldviews, i'm a fan of interdisciplinarity! But i follow here, and probably i will not be able to keep his mouth shut! rsrsrsrs.
(FS) The strength of the conceptual basis is not important, really. Think about it.

(LCB) I agree with Flora Sapio Imperatrix Maris. Betita Horn Pepulim you must participate and it is far too late to back out, just be prepared to discuss!

(FS) Betita Horn Pepulim you cannot leave now, I am already preparing my response.

(LCB) hahaha

(FS) Not kidding, f@#$! I have been re-reading system theory to respond to Betita Horn Pepulim.

(BHP) Ok.rsrsrsrsrs Let's move on!Ok an initial group of good theoretical and philosophy connoisseurs and a knowledge engineer discussing a very controversial issue. Will be at least fun!

(LCB) It will keep us all honest.

(BHP)  I'm curious and looking forward to your response Flora Sapio Imperatrix Maris. As for me, i will need also reread some authors. Put my daughter who still lives at home in the freezer will be shown! rsrsrs My day should have some more hours. 24 hours is little!

(LCB)  And as for me, I will have to consider the limits that reality imposes on theoretical possibility.  That., of course, is the great unlearned lesson of philosophy. . . .and of economic, political and social theory.  Yet I am still interested in the possibility of the liberation of the individual even within the cage of social, economic and political realities that Flora Sapio and Betita Horn Pepulim pose.  And of course I rely on Paul van Fleet to remi9nd us of the difficulty of any adherence to any reality in the face of its self reference and reflection in others. 

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