Friday, June 26, 2020

Just Published--Latin American Research Review Vol. 55(2)

I am delighted to pass along links to the articles recently published in the Latin American Research Review (Vol 55).

There is much worth reading here, especially the studies of the structures of race infused social organization  and the economics of ethno-migration in Spain. But also of interest--in particular to students of Cuba (and now developed states)--is the examination of the development of the informal sector and its consequences for public law and management.

Vol. 55, No. 2



Literature and Cultural Studies

Book Review Essays

Interrogating Culture in Latin America
Natalia Sobrevilla Perea
Cutting the Populist Knot
George Ciccariello-Maher
The Challenges of Gender Representation in Latin America
Leslie A. Schwindt-Bayer and Kaitlin Senk​
Criminal Violence in Latin America
Juan Albarracín and Nicholas Barnes

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