Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Online Schools--Web Resources for Students Covering Public Policy Issues

The monopoly position of law faculties as the most privileged, and sometimes only, source of authoritative information about issues of law and policy is beginning to give way to a more open textured environment.   The mas democratic movements of the political sphere, most recently in evidence in the Muslim Mediterranean, has penetrated a variety of areas of human organization.   New organizations, academies and other collectives are now increasingly serving an important role in the production and dissemination of information to students and others.   

One of those is Online Schools, which has created a series of online schools, and which provides information about accredited online universities.  They have recently published to their website "50 Resources of Students Attending Online public Policy Schools.

Students who are studying public administration have a keen interest in the world around them and understand how public policies and regulations effect the public on both a local, state and federal level. The resources listed below will assist a student in finding information, forming opinions, and getting a better understanding on how public policy intermingles with almost every other aspect of life. From defining public policy, to locating cartoons that reflect the political, economic and healthcare issues both in the United States and around the world, these resources should provide plenty of information for a student.

The resources indexed (mostly blog and essay sites) include online resources organized as follows:
What is public policy?
What is public administration? 
What is public policy management?
Pubic Policy
Public Policy Politics
Public Policy Issues
Public Policy Polling
Public Policy Political Cartoons.

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