Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From Our Friends at ASCE: Recent Essays on US-Cuba Normalization

The Association for the Study of the Cuba Economy (ASCE) is a non-profit, non-political organization that pursues the study of Cuba in a broad sense, with particular emphasis on the financial, economic, social, legal and environmental aspects of Cuba today and its process of transition and reforms. Its blog presents original contributions on the Cuban economy and society.  These essays remind us both of the challenges to normalization, and the future difficulties of reform as Cuba considers the extent to which it means to plug back into the global economy.

This post includes links to recent posts.

Cuba – US Reconciliation and Limited Reforms

It is hardly a secret that the economy of Cuba is in a sorry state.  Visits to Cuba provide testimony as to widespread poverty, food and housing shortages and the marked decay of buildings, infrastructure and machinery.  Official GDP per capita of $6800 for 2013 places Cuba below the $8700 average of the 12 Latin […]

Cuba’s Feeble International Liquidity

Cuba’s international liquidity at the end of 2014 remained precarious as shown by statistics from the Bank for International Settlements.  The 45% alleged cutback since September 2014 of oil shipments from Venezuela estimated by Barclays Bank would add considerable pressure to the balance of payments, but this action is unconfirmed by independent sources and officials […]

Feeding Cuba: Sustainable Agriculture and Challenges of Production in Cuba Today

The Global Studies program at The New School and the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) Wednesday, April 15, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM (EDT) New York, NY Note: High resolution flyer available for download. As relations between Cuba and the United States reach a historic turning point with the re-establishment of diplomatic […]

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