Thursday, October 03, 2013

Invitation to Contribute to the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy Blog and Recent Posts on Cuban Monetary Policy

The Association for the Study of the Cuba Economy (ASCE) is a non-profit, non-political organization that pursues the study of Cuba in a broad sense, with particular emphasis on the financial, economic, social, legal and environmental aspects of Cuba today and its process of transition and reforms. The opinions expressed in this site are those of the authors, and do not reflect the views or positions of ASCE or its members. It has launched a blog with excellent posts on the political economy of contemporary Cuba,  

This post includes links to recent posts and a call for contributions for those interested in Cuban economic matters.

Some recent posts: 

Convertible Pesos: How Strong is the Central Bank of Cuba? by Luis R. Luis
In this post Luis R. Luis analyzes implications of the lack of full dollar backing for the convertible Cuban peso (CUC), one of the two national currencies circulating in Cuba. [More]

Government Support to Enterprises in Cuba by Ernesto Hernández-Catá
This post looks at state support to Cuban enterprises and uncovers that net transfers are again rising. The reasons for this are not always clear but Ernesto Hernandez-Cata offers a plausible explanation. [More]

A Political Economy Approach to the Cuban Embargo by Roger Betancourt
Roger Betancourt analyzes the evolution of the Cuban embargo and shows that some parts have already been lifted. Verifiable human rights guarantees may provide a way to elicit political support in the US for action to change trade and financial elements of the embargo. [More] 

Cinco mitos sobre el sistema cambiario cubano by Ernesto Hernández-Catá
Ernesto Hernández-Catá comenta sobre el sistema de cambios múltiples vigente en Cuba. [More]

La dualidad monetaria en Cuba: Comentario sobre el artículo de Roberto Orro by Joaquin P. Pujol
Joaquín P. Pujol comenta en esta nota sobre la dualidad monetaria en Cuba. [More]

Unificación monetaria en Cuba: ¿quimera o realidad? by Roberto Orro
En este artículo Roberto Orro describe el complejo sistema monetario y cambiario de Cuba y sugiere que la unificacion monetaria no está a la vista. [More]

Consumption v. Investment: Another Duality of the Cuban Economy by Roberto Orro
Roberto Orro argues in this article that the Cuban economy experienced two distinct periods where either investment or consumption prevailed. This behavior was influenced by external factors among them the assistance derived from the Soviet Union as contrasted to that coming presently from Venezuela. [More]

Gauging Cuba's Economic Reforms by Luis R. Luis
In this post Luis R. Luis gauges the progress of Cuba's recent economic reforms using Transition Indicators developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). [More]

On the Economic Impact of Post-Soviet and Post-Venezuelan Assistance to Cuba by Ernesto Hernández-Catá
The end of Venezuelan aid to Cuba will have a sizable negative impact on the economy though very likely of lesser magnitude than the withdrawal of Soviet assistance in the 1990's concludes Ernesto Hernandez-Cata in this article. [More]


Guide for Contributors to ASCE’s Blog  

ASCE BLOG intends to present original contributions on the Cuban economy and society. The contributions must be of an analytical/empirical bend and be presented in a clear, concise and direct manner. A number of articles have already been published in the blog, on issues ranging from relations between Cuba and Venezuela to Cuba’s multiple exchange rate system.

The subject of the articles submitted may be in the fields of economics, sociology, law, business, international relations, government studies, engineering and architecture, as long as they pertain to aspects of contemporary Cuba. The Blog seeks contributions of a lasting value rather than commentary on the news of the day or other transient events. Articles submitted can include tables, graphs, pictures and video clips and must be no longer than 1200 words. Articles may be written in English or Spanish.

Members and friends of ASCE should submit articles by email to the Blog’s editors, Ernesto Hernández-Catá ( and Luis R. Luis ( The editors will review submissions and may offer comments designed to improve the drafting or clarify points made in the post. The editors will seek the guidance of experts within or outside ASCE in cases where specialized or technical aspects of a submission are beyond their capability. The editors reserve the right to reject any posts submitted upon their own judgment or that of experts assisting them.

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