Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elements of Law 3.0: Table of Contents for Lecture and Reading Notes for An Introduction to U.S. Legal Theory and Practice

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I have been posting about the development of a new course I have been developing for our first year law school students, "Elements of Law."  (Elements of Law 3.0: On the Relevance of a First Year Law Course Designed to Frame the Law School Curriculum).  The SYLLABUS can be accessed HERE.

This post makes the end of the lecture note series.  It includes the TABLE of CONTENTS for the Lecture Notes as I have developed them over the past semester.  These will serve as the core of materials that I will continue to use to introduce U.S. Law and Legal Theory to students.  It remains very much a work in progress and and open access project. Comments and suggestions always welcome.

Elements of Law:
An Introduction to U.S. Legal Theory and Practice
Part I: What is Law
--I-A (Introduction: The cast of characters, institutions and forms); Reading Justinian's Institutes
Part II: Hierarchies of Law and Governance; Sources and Uses
Part III:  Institutional Architecture of Law and Governance: The United States and Law Making
 Part IV: The Role of the Courts: Judicial Review, Interpretive Techniques, and Legitimacy

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