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An All-Around Cultivation of Socialist Morality--中共中央 国务院印发 [Issued by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party]: 《新时代公民道德建设实施纲要》[The Outline of the Implementation of the Construction of the Moral Citizen in the New Era]

I have been considering the further elaboration of Socialist morality as a key element of the movement away from the Western oriented imports into Chinese frameworks of their political-economic model toward ç a more contextually Leninist and Chinese approach.  This is part of a much larger and long term project to purify Chinese Marxist-Leninism of the normative premises and working styles that like a barnacle on a ship necessarily traveled from the West to China during the period in which China was a great receiver of governance knowledge during the Reform and Opening Up period (see, e.g., Backer, "Between the Judge and the Law—Judicial Independence and Authority with Chinese Characteristics," 33(1) Connecticut Journal of International Law 33(1):1-41 (2017).  That objective--the definition, cultivation, and naturalization of Socialist (e.g., Chinese Marxist-Leninist) morality (morals-ethics-and the normative framework within which it can continue to be developed) stands at the heart of "New Era" ideology taking more definitive shape after the 19th CCP Congress. Just as the Prior Era (Deng Xiaoping and his successors) necessarily focused on the development of productive forces, so the New Era (Xi Jinping and his successor) necessarily focuses on the development of societal and cultural forces now possible (and inevitable) as the consequence of the successful conclusion of the Prior Era.

The West, self-absorbed within its own "New Era" transformations (in a contextually relevant way focusing on race, ethnicity, gender and essentialized power relations among factionalized ethno-cultural-sub-communities) tends to miss the moral elements at the heart of the development of Chinese New Era theory and its articulation as the Basic Line of the vanguard Party and the administrative work of the state apparatus. This is not a criticism--every system tends to be self absorbed in this fashion. Yet what that means is that the West tends to see these Chinese developments through the lens of its own internal cultural conflicts (e.g., but for a valuable contribution see here). To that end, Western focus is likely centered on the ramifications for those elements of government dear to it . These include rule of law issues, constitutionalism (understood in its narrow Western liberal democratic ideological framework), civil and political rights (including human rights), and markets based macro-economic and administrative practices. The West has tended to blind  itself to the substantial moral element of the CCP's leadership in moving  from the old to the "new era" that is marked by the economic ascendancy of China recognizable from the time of the leadership of Xi Jinping. 

As such, to understand the "new era" and its guiding ideology it is necessary to center its emerging moral-ethical element at the core of Chinese Leninism.  One moves from the economic-political to the cultural-political; from the development of productive forces to the development of the indivdual within a similarly developing economic-political model. The manifestation of the "New Era" political-economic model can be understood, then, as concrete expressions of that new morality built to some extent around the Core Socialist Values, and radiating out from there to include a host of more concrete elaborations in specific contexts throughout the economic, social and political structures of the state. We have seen one manifestation in a key area of CCP leadership--the system of post secondary education (What is the Fundamental Task of Education?: Xi Jinping's Concept of 立德树人 [Cultivating People of Moral Character] and its Implementation Through Undergraduate University Reform in 教育部关于一流本科课程建设的实施意见 [Implementation Opinions of the Ministry of Education on the Construction of First-class Undergraduate Courses]).  

CCP moral-cultural leadership (and its consequential societal-naturalization imperatives) is not merely expressed through  implementation regulations of the various national ministries. On 27 October 2019, the Central Committee of the CCP, representing the core of the political leadership of the nation issued its Outline of the Implementation of the Construction of the Moral Citizen in the New Era 《新时代公民道德建设实施纲要》.  This represents the first substantial ipdate of that outline in about 20 years.
Strengthening the construction of civic morality is a long-term, urgent, arduous and complicated task. It is necessary to adapt to the new requirements of the new era, adhere to the unity of goal orientation and problem orientation, further increase efforts, grasp the law, actively innovate, persevere and last for a long time. To promote the moral quality of the whole people and the level of social civilization to new heights.
The connections to the language of the State Council's 2014 Guidance on Social Credit is unmistakable--though here one speaks to morals rather than to integrity.  The underlying frustration with the state of behavior is unchanged.

Deeply launch specialized education and campaign activities concerning prominent issues in the area of morality, launch special campaigns targeting sectors and areas where sincerity is prominently lacking and sincerity building is urgently necessary, persist in correcting unhealthy trends and evil practices of abusing power for personal gain, lying and cheating, forgetting integrity when tempted by gains, benefiting oneself at others’ expense, etc., and establish trends of sectoral sincerity and integrity. (Planning Outline for the Construction of a Social Credit System (2014-2020) III(2)).
The Outline of the Implementation of the Construction of the Moral Citizen in the New Era does embed Social Credit notions of integrity within its general framework as well (Ibid. (¶ IV(3) ("Continue to promote the building of integrity. Integrity is the cornerstone and important feature of social harmony.")). 

It is deeply tied to the principle of cultivating people of moral character (立德树人) , at the heart of the changes to education. The connection is explicit as the Outline of the Implementation of the Construction of the Moral Citizen in the New Era explicitly incorporates the concept of  立德树人within its core principles of Moral Citizenship. And it is likely as well to play a role in the reconstitution of Hing Kong in the aftermath of the resolution of the current situation there.  "Therefore, I feel that school education and family education must have a correct guidance. We must strengthen the patriotism education and national education of Hong Kong youth, and let them understand their country and themselves comprehensively, deeply and objectively from an early age." (Statement by the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council Official Views of Current State of Affairs in Hong Kong [国务院港澳办新闻发言人介绍对当前香港事态的看法]).

What follows is the text of the Outline in the original Chinese as well as in a crude English translation. As one reviews the text it is useful to consider that these "New Era" points of an emerging moral compass are intimately connected to key strategic areas of policy that tend to be viewed as unrelated in the West (except when connected by the principles of human rights and sustainability).  These include the Social Credit system, the mechanics and strategies of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the mechanics for moving society forward in ways consist with the core long term objective of the vanguard party--to move society closely to the goal of establishing a communist society within China. Between then and now, the "New Era" suggests that this path is paved with cultivated (directed and guided) moral development and its object must be centered on the further development of the moral productive forces of the nation. Thus understood, China's internal and external policies--though perhaps still incompatible with the moral-political model of the West--becomes more comprehensible.

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新华社北京10月27日电 近日,中共中央、国务院印发了《新时代公民道德建设实施纲要》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门结合实际认真贯彻落实。




















































Issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
2019-10-27 18:14 Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 27th Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Outline for the Implementation of the Construction of Ethical Citizens in the New Era" and issued a notice requesting all departments of various regions to conscientiously implement them in light of the actual situation.

The full text of the "Implementation Outline for Moral Citizenship in the New Era" is as follows.

The Chinese civilization has a long history and has nurtured the precious spiritual character of the Chinese nation and cultivated the lofty pursuit of the Chinese people. The Communist Party of China leads the people in the process of revolution, construction and reform, upholds the ideal of Marxism for a better society, inherits and carries forward the traditional virtues of China, and creates and forms a socialist moral system that leads the development and progress of Chinese society. Upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics requires the comprehensive development of material and spiritual civilization, and the overall improvement of people's material and spiritual living standards. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, strengthening the moral construction of citizens and improving the moral level of the whole society. It is a strategic task of building a well-off society in an all-round way and building a socialist modernization and strengthening country in an all-round way. It is an urgent need to adapt to major social contradictions and meet people's longing for a better life. Need is an inevitable requirement for promoting comprehensive social progress and overall development of people.

In 2001, the Party Central Committee promulgated the "Outline for the Implementation of Citizen's Moral Construction", which provided important guidance for strengthening the moral construction of citizens under the conditions of socialist market economy and effectively promoted the building of socialist spiritual civilization. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to the construction of civic morality, established a roots in shaping the soul, and has made a series of important arrangements to promote ideological and moral construction and achieve remarkable results. The socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The self-consciousness of practicing the core values ​​of socialism and inheriting the fine traditional Chinese culture has been continuously improved. The patriotism, collectivism, and socialist ideology have been widely promoted, advocating heroes, respecting models, and learning to become advanced. The fashion, the national self-confidence and pride have been greatly enhanced, the people's ideological consciousness, moral standards, and civilized quality have been continuously improved, and the moral field has shown a positive and healthy upward trend.

At the same time, we must also see that under the background of profound changes in the international and domestic situation and profound changes in China's economic and social development, the market economy rules, policies and regulations, and social governance are still not sound enough, and they are affected by bad ideological and cultural erosion and harmful information on the Internet. There are still many problems. Some places and some areas have different levels of moral anomie. Money worship, hedonism, and extreme individualism are still prominent. Some members of society have vague and even lack of moral values. Right, wrong, good and evil, and beauty and ugliness. Seeing forgiveness and profitability. The loss of self-interest and the loss of public fat; the phenomenon of fraudulent fraud and non-credit is endless, and the events that break the public order and the bottom line, hinder the people's happy life, and hurt the national dignity and national sentiment have occurred. These problems must be brought to the attention of the whole party and the whole society and take effective measures to solve them.

Strengthening the construction of civic morality is a long-term, urgent, arduous and complicated task. It is necessary to adapt to the new requirements of the new era, adhere to the unity of goal orientation and problem orientation, further increase efforts, grasp the law, actively innovate, persevere and last for a long time. To promote the moral quality of the whole people and the level of social civilization to new heights.

First, the overall requirements

Guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, we should focus on carrying out great struggles, building great projects, advancing great undertakings, realizing great dreams, and building Chinese spirit, Chinese values, and Chinese power to promote the ideals and beliefs of all people. The values ​​and moral concepts are closely united. The whole nation firmly establishes the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, vigorously promotes the core values ​​of socialism in the whole society, and actively advocates prosperity, democracy, democracy, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, and loyalty. We will comprehensively promote social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality, and continue to strengthen education guidance, practice development, and institutional guarantees, continuously improve the moral quality of citizens, promote the all-round development of people, and cultivate and create new people in the era who are responsible for national rejuvenation.

-- Adhere to the Marxist morality and socialist morality, advocate communist morality, regard the people's service as the core, take the collectivism as the principle, and love the motherland, love the people, love labor, love science, and love socialism as the basic requirements. Always maintain the socialist direction of civic moral construction.

-- Adhere to the socialist core values ​​as the guide, and put the value requirements of the state, society and individual level into all aspects of moral construction, construct moral standards, strengthen moral identity, guide moral practice with mainstream values, and guide people to be clear and ethical. Public morality, strict private morality.

——Insist on the innovation and development in inheriting tradition, consciously inherit the traditional virtues of China, inherit the fine traditions and revolutionary morality formed by our party in the long-term practice, adapt to the requirements of reform and opening up in the new era and the development of socialist market economy, and actively promote creative transformation. Innovative development and continuous enhancement of the effectiveness of the era of moral construction.

-- Adhere to the combination of promoting moral cognition and promoting moral practice, respecting the subjective status of the people, stimulating people to form good moral will, moral emotions, cultivating correct moral judgments and moral responsibilities, and improving moral practice ability, especially conscious practice ability. To guide people to yearn for and pursue a life of morality, morality, and morality.

-- Adhere to the role of the promotion and guarantee of the socialist rule of law, carry the moral concept with the rule of law, express a clear moral orientation, carry forward the virtues, and reflect the socialist moral requirements into legislation, law enforcement, justice, law-abiding, guided by the power of the rule of law. People are going up to good.

-- Adhere to the principle of active advocacy and effective governance, follow the law of moral construction, combine the requirements of advanced nature with the requirements of extensiveness, adhere to the emphasis on construction and break through, play the leading role of model demonstration, increase the intensity of outstanding problems, and establish a new style. Righteousness, remove the evil spirits.

Social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality should be taken as the focus. Promote the practice of social morality with civility and courtesy, helping people, protecting public property, protecting the environment, and obeying the law, encouraging people to be good citizens in society; promoting practice to be dedicated, honest, trustworthy, and fair. Enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and dedication to society as the main content of professional ethics, encourage people to be a good builder in their work; promote the practice of family virtues with respect to the elderly, the equality of men and women, husband and wife, diligence and family, and mutual help Encourage people to be good members in the family; promote the personal morality of patriotic dedication, courtesy, hard work, generosity, self-improvement and self-discipline, and encourage people to develop good conduct in daily life.

Second, the key tasks

1. Building the foundation of ideals and beliefs. The people have faith, the state has power, and the nation has hope. Beliefs and beliefs guide the direction of life and lead moral pursuits. We must persist in using Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the whole party and educate the people, guide people to grasp the rich connotation, spiritual essence, and practical requirements, and lay a solid foundation for the ideological and theoretical foundation of faith. Extensively carry out the education of ideals and beliefs in the whole society, deepen the propaganda and education of socialism and communism, deepen the propaganda and education of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream, and guide people to continuously enhance road self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence, and great ideals of communism. Unite with the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and integrate the realization of personal ideals into the great dream of realizing national prosperity, national rejuvenation, and people's happiness.

2. Cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism. The core values ​​of socialism are the concentrated expression of the contemporary Chinese spirit and the ideological and moral foundation that unites Chinese power. We must continue to deepen the propaganda and education of socialist core values, enhance cognitive identity, establish a clear orientation, strengthen demonstrations, and guide people to regard socialist core values ​​as the fundamental follow-up of Mingde's self-cultivation and morality. Persist in the integration and integration, and implement the socialist core values ​​requirements into daily life, making it a ethical norm and code of conduct for people to use. Adhere to the rule of law and morality, morally nourish the spirit of the rule of law, embody the moral concept with the rule of law, comprehensively implement the Constitution, promote the integration of socialist core values ​​into the rule of law, and fully reflect the requirements of socialist core values ​​into the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. In the process of reforming laws and regulations, reforming public policies, and improving social governance, it provides a good social environment and institutional guarantee for the promotion of mainstream values.

3. Inherit the traditional virtues of China. The traditional Chinese virtue is the essence of Chinese culture and an inexhaustible source of moral construction. We must treat the fine traditional Chinese culture with respect and pride, fully explore the rich cultural resources carried by cultural classics, historical relics, and cultural relics, and carry forward the ancient sages, national heroes, and the people of Zhishiren, and let the Chinese culture genes Better rooted in people's ideology and moral values. Explain in depth the Chinese traditional fine culture, which emphasizes the benevolence, the people, the integrity, the justice, the harmony, the pursuit of the same ideological concept, and dig deep into self-improvement, dedication, support and prosperity, help the poor, help the courage, and love the elderly. In addition to traditional virtues, combined with new era conditions and practice requirements to inherit innovation, fully demonstrate its value of the times and eternal charm, so that it blends with modern culture and real life, and become a distinctive symbol of the spiritual life and moral practice of all people.

4. Carry forward the national spirit and the spirit of the times. The national spirit with patriotism as the core and the spirit of the times with reform and innovation as the core are the solid spiritual support and strong moral power of the Chinese nation's endless development and growth. We must deepen the history of reform and opening up, the history of the new China, the history of the Chinese Communist Party, the modern history of the Chinese nation, the education of the history of Chinese civilization, carry forward the great creative spirit of the Chinese people, the spirit of great struggle, the spirit of great unity, the spirit of great dreams, and advocate for all things that are conducive to unity and unity. Peace-loving, diligent, brave, self-improving thoughts and concepts, building a spiritual home for the Chinese nation. It is necessary to inherit and carry forward the fine traditions created by the party leading the people, inherit the red genes, and continue the spiritual lineage. We must closely focus on comprehensively deepening reform and opening up, deepening socialist modernization, and vigorously advocating the concepts of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, advancing with the times, seeking truth and being pragmatic, advocating "happiness comes from struggle", "success lies in dedication", and "general gestation" The concept of "great" promotes the spirit of reform and opening up, the spirit of labor, the spirit of labor, the spirit of craftsmanship, the spirit of excellence, and the spirit of scientists, so that all people can maintain a spirit of high spirits and vigorous development.

Third, deepen the guidance of moral education

1. Let 立德树人 [Cultivating People of Moral Character] run through the whole process of school education. Schools are an important position for civic moral construction. We must comprehensively implement the party's education policy, adhere to the direction of socialist education, adhere to the principle of educating people and moral education, and regard ideological and moral as the core literacy of students, incorporate into the academic quality standards, and build an education system that comprehensively cultivates moral, intellectual, and artistic work. Strengthen the ideological and moral education, follow the moral cognition rules of different ages, and combine the different characteristics of basic education, vocational education and higher education to effectively pass on the socialist core values ​​and moral norms to students. Focusing on integration, the content and requirements of civic moral construction are reflected in the education of various disciplines, embodied in the construction of the disciplinary system, teaching system, teaching material system and management system, so that the process of imparting knowledge becomes the process of moral education. Carry out social practice activities, strengthen labor spirit and labor concept education, guide students to love labor and respect labor, understand the most glorious work, the highest labor, the greatest labor, the most beautiful work, better understand the society, understand the national conditions, and strengthen the society. Responsibility. We will strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and ethics, and guide teachers to establish a good teacher with morality, moral education, moral education, moral education, solid knowledge, and benevolent heart. Build a good school spirit, use school motto to inspire, enrich campus cultural life, and create a good atmosphere that is conducive to students' self-cultivation.

2. Use good tutor style to cultivate moral character. The family is the basic cell of society and the starting point for moral development. It is necessary to carry forward the traditional family virtues of the Chinese nation, advocate the concept of modern family civilization, and promote the formation of a new style of socialist family civilization that is patriotic, loved, loved, and shared, so that virtue can take root in the family and sublimate in family. Through a variety of ways, we will guide the majority of families to repeat their teachings, teach themselves, teach knowledge, develop morality, lead by example, and use their correct moral concepts to shape their children's beautiful minds; consciously inherit the Chinese filial piety, feel the parental parenting, and feel the love of the elders. Develop a good quality of respecting parents and respecting the elders; advocating the concepts of loyalty, responsibility, affection, learning, and public welfare, so that family members can influence each other and improve together, in the process of making happiness for the family, warming up others, and contributing to society. Improve the spiritual realm and cultivate the culture of civilization.

3. Leading morality with advanced models. The great era calls for the great spirit, and the noble cause needs the example to lead. We must carefully select advanced models such as modellings of the times and moral models, and comprehensively use the forms of propaganda reports, deeds, special programs, literary works, and public service advertisements to widely publicize their advanced deeds and outstanding contributions, establish a distinct era value orientation, and demonstrate the society. Moral height. We will continue to introduce advanced figures from all walks of life, and widely recommend the most beautiful people and good people around us, so that different industries and different groups can learn to set examples and demonstrate, and form a vivid situation of seeing the best and becoming more advanced. Respecting and caring for advanced characters and hero models, establishing and improving the caring and caring mechanism, maintaining the honor and image of advanced figures and hero models, and forming the value orientation of the virtues and good people.

4. Create a good moral environment with correct public opinion. Public opinion has an important role in becoming a weathered person and a monk. We must adhere to the correct public opinion to guide people, and reflect the correct value orientation and moral requirements in the news reports of various fields such as economy, society and culture, and reflect them in various programs such as entertainment, sports and advertising. We will strengthen the guidance of hot issues in the field of ethics, and make efforts to enhance people's awareness of the rule of law, public awareness, rule awareness, and responsibility. Give play to the supervisory role of public opinion, promptly criticize and refute the words and deeds and phenomena that violate social morality and deviate from the public order and good customs, and spurt and clarify the righteousness. The media and related business practitioners must strengthen moral cultivation, strengthen moral self-discipline, and consciously perform social responsibilities.

5. To cultivate moral sentiments with excellent literary and artistic works. The text is to carry the words, the text to convey the feelings, the text to the virtues. We must take the cultivation and promotion of the core values ​​of socialism as our fundamental task, adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, and introduce more singers, sing the motherland, sing the people, sing the heroes, sing the labor, sing the dedication of the best works, and spread the silent voice. Truth, goodness and beauty, carry forward lofty moral ideals and moral pursuits. Adhere to the social benefits in the first place, advocate the quality, style, responsibility, resist the vulgar, vulgar, kitsch, use healthy and literary works to warm the soul, enlighten the mind, lead the fashion. Socialist ethics should be regarded as an important criterion for literary criticism, evaluation, and awards, and it is better to guide the creation, production, and communication of literary and art to keep the right path and promote integrity. Literary and art workers should regard Chongde Shangyi as a homework, unite people, work, and art, strengthen ideological accumulation, knowledge reserve, and art training, improve their education, cultivation, and cultivation, and strive to pursue true talents, good virtues, and high taste. , to achieve the German art double heart.

6. Give play to the role of moral education in all types of positions. All kinds of positions are the basic support for the masses to carry out moral education. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of a new era civilized practice center, vigorously promote the development of media integration, do a good job in the construction of county-level media center, promote grassroots socialist culture with socialism, socialist ideological and moral education, and guide people to improve their ideological awareness and moral standards. Civilized quality. Strengthen the protection and utilization of the patriotic education base and the revolutionary memorial facilities, enrich the content of the exhibition, enrich the ideological connotation, and enhance the educational function. Educational bases such as national unity, popular science, and national defense, public cultural facilities such as libraries, cultural centers, museums, memorial halls, science and technology museums, and youth activity centers must carry out targeted moral education in light of their respective functional characteristics. Use the outdoor media such as bulletin boards, display screens, billboards, etc. to create a strong atmosphere of  etiquette.

7. Grasp the educational guidance of key groups. The construction of civic morality must be carried out not only for all members of society, but also for focusing on key points and grasping the key. The moral ethics of party members and cadres directly affects the morality of the whole society. It is necessary to implement the requirements of strictly administering the party strictly, strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs, and supplement the spirit of the spirit; strengthen political morality, adhere to the law red line is insurmountable, and the moral bottom line cannot be touched. In the serious and standardized inner-party political life, temper the party spirit, improve the style and quality, practice the character of loyalty, honesty, hard work, honesty and integrity, and be self-cultivation, cautious and cautious, strict self-discipline, honest and clean, in morality In the construction, it has set an example for the whole society. Young people are the hope of the country and the future of the nation. We must persist in starting from the dolls and guide the young people to combine the correct moral cognition, conscious moral cultivation and positive moral practice, and be good at absorbing moral morality from the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. From the heroic figures and the model of the times, I feel morality, improve morality from my own introspection, constantly improve my morality, and lay a solid foundation for morality. The whole society must care to help support the growth and development of young people, improve the ideological and moral education system that combines family, school, government and society, guide young people to establish their lofty aspirations, love the party, love the motherland, love the people, and form good thoughts and good conduct. Habit, buckle the first button of life. Public figures are highly recognized and influential. They must strengthen ideological and political guidance, guide them to assume social responsibilities, strengthen moral cultivation, pay attention to moral self-discipline, consciously accept social and public opinion supervision, and establish a good social image.

Fourth, promote the development of moral practice

1. Extensively carry out the action of carrying forward the new era of the times. Good social customs is an important symbol of the degree of social civilization. It fosters the virtues and virtues of citizens and promotes the harmonious and orderly operation of society. It is necessary to closely integrate the reality of social development, and extensively carry out activities such as civilized travel, civilized transportation, civilized tourism, civilized dining, and civilized viewing, to guide people to consciously abide by the social norms and civilized norms in public places. Focus on improving social governance, standardizing social order, promoting fine management and standard operation of street communities, transportation facilities, medical places, scenic spots, cultural and sports venues, optimizing public space, improving service levels, and creating good public awareness and rule awareness. surroundings.

2. Deepen the mass creation activities. All kinds of mass creation activities are vivid practices of the people's self-education and self-improvement. The creation of mass spiritual civilization should highlight moral requirements, enrich moral content, and build social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality throughout the entire process. The creation of civilized cities and civilized villages and towns must adhere to the principle of benefiting the people and the people, highlighting the civilized and harmonious, livable and suitable, and constantly improving the level of grassroots social governance and the quality of the masses. The establishment of civilized units should be based on industry characteristics and professional characteristics, highlighting professional ethics, fostering professionalism, establishing a new style of the industry, guiding practitioners to strive for excellence, pursuing excellence, and providing quality products and services to the society. The creation of a civilized family should focus on fostering family virtues and promoting good family style. The creation of a civilized campus should focus on the people of Lide, and cultivate socialist builders and successors who are fully developed in moral, intellectual, and artistic development. The creation activities of party and government organs at all levels and various systems in various industries must place civic morality construction in a more important position, and promote the moral quality of the whole people with a solid and effective creation work.

3. Continue to promote the building of integrity. Integrity is the cornerstone and important feature of social harmony. We must inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation's loyalty and trustworthiness, carry forward the concept of honesty, integrity, and contractuality in line with the socialist market economy, promote the development of good faith conventions in various fields of various industries, and accelerate personal integrity, government integrity, business integrity, and society. Integrity and judicial public trust construction, build a credit information system covering the whole society, improve the joint incentive mechanism of trustworthiness and untrustworthy joint punishment, carry out special governance of outstanding problems of lack of integrity, and improve the integrity of the whole society. Attach importance to the construction of academic and scientific credibility, and seriously investigate and punish violations of the requirements of academic research and integrity. In-depth development of "integrity to build Miles", "integrity and business promotion month" and other activities, the selection and release of "star of integrity", publicity and promotion of advanced collectives, to encourage people to better speak honesty and trustworthiness.

4. In-depth promotion of learning Lei Feng volunteer service. Learning Lei Feng and volunteering are important ways to practice socialist morality. We must carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and the spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress. We will focus on major activities, poverty alleviation and relief, respect for the elderly, save the sick, help the disabled, legal aid, cultural support, environmental protection, health guidance, etc. Service activities guide people to learn Lei Feng and volunteer service as their lifestyle and living habits. Promote the development of volunteer service organizations, improve the incentive and reward system, and promote the normalization of Xuefeng's voluntary service system, so that "I am for everyone, everyone for me" has become a common practice.

5. Extensively carry out the move of changing customs and customs. Abandoning stereotypes and advocating civilized new winds is an important task of moral construction. It is necessary to focus on implementing the rural revitalization strategy, fostering civilized rural customs, simple folk customs, advocating a scientific and civilized lifestyle, tapping innovative local culture, and constantly renewing the new climate of rural civilization. Give full play to the role of village regulations, moral councils, red and white councils, etc., to eliminate bad habits such as extravagance, thinness, thick burial, and human comparison. It is necessary to promote the scientific spirit, popularize scientific knowledge, resist superstitious and decadent backward culture, and guard against the infiltration of extreme religious thoughts and illegal religious forces.

6. Give full play to the educational role of etiquette etiquette. Etiquette etiquette is the embodiment of moral literacy and the carrier of moral practice. It is necessary to formulate national etiquette procedures, improve the system of honors and honors for the party and the country, and standardize the rituals of raising the national flag, singing the national anthem, joining the party and joining the team, strengthening the sense of ritual, participation, and modernity, and enhancing people’s attitude toward the party and the country. Organize collective sense of identity and belonging. Make full use of important traditional festivals, major festivals and anniversaries, organize and carry out mass-themed practical activities to enrich the moral experience and enhance moral emotions. Study and formulate the rules of social etiquette, clothing and civilized language that inherit the fine traditions of China and meet the requirements of modern civilization, and guide people to pay attention to courtesy and politeness.

7. Actively practice the green production lifestyle. Green development and ecological morality are important signs of modern civilization, the foundation of a better life, and the expectations of the people. We must promote the whole society to build a beautiful China, and carry out various forms of thematic publicity and practice activities around World Earth Day, World Environment Day, World Forest Day, World Water Day, World Ocean Day and National Energy Conservation Publicity Week. Natural harmony and symbiosis guide people to establish the concept of respecting nature, adapting to nature and protecting nature. Establishing green water and green mountains is the concept of Jinshan Yinshan, enhancing awareness of conservation, environmental awareness and ecological awareness. Promote the creation of conservation-oriented institutions, green families, green schools, green communities, green travel and garbage sorting, advocate simple and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyles, reject luxury and waste, and guide people to protect and construct the ecological environment. .

8. Demonstrate civilized qualities in foreign exchanges and exchanges. The moral image of citizens is related to the national image. Implement the Chinese citizens' tourism civilization quality action plan, promote entry and exit management agencies, customs, foreign agencies, travel agencies, online travel platforms, etc., strengthen civilized publicity and education, and guide Chinese citizens to travel abroad, study, do business, visit relatives, and respect local laws. Regulations and cultural practices show China and Germany and safeguard national glory and interests. Cultivate a healthy and rational national mentality, and guide people to establish a good image of self-esteem, self-confidence, openness, tolerance and positiveness in various international occasions, foreign-related activities and exchanges.

V. Do a good job in ethical construction of cyberspace

1. Strengthen the construction of online content. The content of online information widely affects people's ideas and moral behaviors. It is necessary to carry out in-depth implementation of the network content construction project, promote the main theme, stimulate positive energy, and let scientific theories, correct public opinion, and excellent culture fill the cyberspace. Develop a positive online culture, and guide Internet companies and Internet users to create and disseminate healthy online literature, online music, online performances, online movies, online dramas, online audio and video, online animation, online games, and so on. Strengthen the correct guidance and effective guidance of hot topics and emergencies on the Internet, distinguish between right and wrong, distinguish between good and evil, and make the correct moral orientation become the mainstream of cyberspace.

2. Cultivate civilized self-discipline network behavior. The civilized self-discipline of online behavioral subjects is the foundation of cyberspace moral construction. It is necessary to establish and improve the rules of network behavior, clarify the concept of network right and wrong, and cultivate network ethics and network ethics that conform to the laws governing the development of the Internet and embody the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization construction. Advocate civilized network, promote Internet companies to consciously fulfill their main responsibilities, take the initiative to assume social responsibilities, operate according to laws and regulations, strengthen education and training for network employees, resolutely crack down on harmful online information dissemination, and standardize management channels according to law. Advocate civilized Internet access, extensively carry out activities to become a good netizen in China, promote netizen network literacy education, guide the majority of netizens to respect the law, civilized interaction, rational expression, stay away from bad websites, prevent network indulging, and consciously maintain good network order.

3. Enrich online ethics practices. The Internet provides a new space and new carrier for moral practice. It is necessary to actively cultivate and guide the Internet public welfare forces, strengthen the network public welfare team, and form a vivid situation of online and offline participation in public welfare undertakings. Strengthen network public welfare propaganda, guide people to do charity at any time, anywhere, and easily promote the formation of a good trend of caring for others and contributing to society. We will expand the "Internet + Public Welfare" and "Internet + Charity" models, and carry out a wide range of online public welfare and online charity activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole society for charity and participation in charity. Strengthen the standardized operation and management of network public welfare, improve relevant laws and regulations, and promote the healthy and orderly development of online public welfare.

4. Create a good network ethical environment. Strengthening Internet management, positive energy is the general requirement, and it is the last word to manage it. It is true that it is used well. It is necessary to strictly manage the network in accordance with the law, strengthen the enforcement of legislation in the Internet field, strengthen the comprehensive management of the network, strengthen the management of online social platforms and various public accounts, attach importance to personal information security, establish a new technology and new application moral evaluation system, and maintain the network moral order. . Carry out special actions on network governance, increase efforts to rectify outstanding problems on the Internet, clean up online fraud, rumors, jealousy, jealousy, discrimination, pornography, vulgarity, etc., oppose cyber violence, punish cybercrime by law, and promote increasingly clear cyberspace. .

Sixth, play the role of institutional guarantee

1. Strengthen legal and legal protection. The law is written morality, and morality is the inner law. It is necessary to play the role of the rule of law in safeguarding and promoting moral construction, and to put the moral orientation through the whole process of rule of law construction. All aspects of legislation, law enforcement, judicature, and law-abiding must reflect socialist moral requirements. Timely transform the ethical requirements that are widely recognized, mature, and operational in practice into legal norms, and promote legislative work in areas such as social integrity, courage, volunteer service, hard work and thrift, filial piety, and protection of ecology. Adhere to strict law enforcement, increase law enforcement in key areas of vital interests, and maintain morality and unite people with the power of the rule of law. Adhere to the principle of fair justice, give play to the judicial decision-making, stop punishment, punish evil and promote good functions, and regularly publish typical guiding judicial cases in the moral field, so that people can feel fairness and justice. We will promote the law-abiding law for all people, strengthen the building of a socialist rule of law culture, create a good environment for the whole society to talk about the rule of law and emphasize morality, and guide people to strengthen the awareness of the rule of law and adhere to the moral bottom line.

2. Highlight the value orientation of public policy. Public policy is closely related to people's production and life and real interests, directly affecting people's value orientation and moral judgment. From the design and implementation to the implementation of various public policy systems, we must fully reflect the ethical requirements, meet the moral expectations of the people, and achieve the organic unity of policy objectives and moral orientation. Scientifically formulate economic and social policies and reform measures, properly handle all aspects of interest relations on major livelihood issues involving employment, schooling, housing, medical care, income distribution, social security, etc., and fully reflect the requirements for maintaining social fairness and justice. Strengthen the assessment of moral hazard and moral effects of public policies, timely correct outstanding problems that deviate from socialist morality, and promote positive interaction between public policy and moral construction.

3. Play the guiding role of social norms. Various social norms effectively regulate people's relationships and behaviors in common production and life. In accordance with the basic requirements of the socialist core values, we must improve the rules and regulations of all walks of life, revise and improve the code of conduct for citizen conventions, township regulations, student codes, etc., highlight the ethics that embody their own characteristics, and better play the role of regulating, regulating, and evaluating people. The role of words and deeds. It is necessary to give play to the self-education, self-management, and self-service functions of various mass organizations, promote the implementation of various social norms, and jointly build and share social civilizations that match the new era.

4. Deepen the governance of outstanding issues in the field of ethics. Moral construction must rely on education and effective governance. It is necessary to comprehensively implement policies, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, and use various means such as economics, law, technology, administration, social management, and public opinion supervision to effectively punish the behavior of losing morality and breaking morality. It is necessary to organize the special governance of outstanding issues in the field of ethics and continuously purify the social and cultural environment. In response to the bad words and deeds that ruin heroes and hurt national sentiments, especially for foreigners who harm the dignity of the country and sell the national interests, they must be disciplined according to the law and play a warning education role. In response to the prominent problems that the masses of the food and drug safety, product quality and safety, ecological environment, social services, public order and other fields have strongly reflected, it is necessary to carry out rectification one by one, so that those who violate the law will be punished and paid a price. Establish a normalization mechanism for disciplining and derogating from morality, and form a social atmosphere of correcting evil spirits, punishing evil and promoting good.

Seven, strengthen organizational leadership

Strengthening the moral construction of citizens in the new era is a basic and strategic project to promote the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. We must uphold and strengthen the party's leadership, strengthen the "four senses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", and achieve "two maintenance" to ensure the correct direction of civic moral construction. Party committees and governments at all levels must shoulder the leadership responsibilities of civic moral construction, put them on the important agenda, incorporate them into the overall work plan, and organically integrate into all aspects of economic and social development. Party and government departments such as discipline inspection and supervision organs and organizations, united front, political and legal affairs, network information, economy, diplomacy, education, science and technology, health, transportation, civil affairs, culture and tourism, ethnic religion, agriculture and rural areas, natural resources, ecological environment, etc. Closely combine work functions and actively fulfill the responsibility of civic moral construction. Give play to the role of the grass-roots party organizations and party members in the construction of civic morality in the new era and the vanguard and exemplary role. Trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the Women's Federation and other groups, democratic parties and industrial and commercial associations must actively play their own advantages and jointly promote the building of civic morality.

The civilized committees at all levels and the propaganda department of the party committee must earnestly perform guidance, coordination, and organizational functions, coordinate forces, carefully implement, strengthen supervision, and do a good job in the implementation of tasks. Focus on analysis and evaluation of the progress and effectiveness of civic moral construction, timely sum up and promote successful experiences and innovative practices, strengthen research on major theoretical and practical issues in the field of ethics, and promote the formation of a good situation in which civic moral construction is vigorously developed and further developed.

Responsible editor: Zhang Wei

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