Thursday, April 16, 2020

From the White House: Text of the "Guidelines: Opening Up America Again"

White House released a three-phase plan for when people can return to work school and a semblance of normal life – absent dates or clarity about how and when it would occur. Notably missing from the plan are metrics about what level of testing must be reached, or what will constitute a sufficiently leveled 'curve' of deaths or infections to trigger moving up the scale. * * * The guidelines recommend states be on a 'downward trajectory' to move forward through the phases, Bloomberg News reported. It will be up to the governors to decide when to reopen, the president acknowledged, days after saying he had 'absolute power' on the subject and getting pushback. 'You are going to call your own shots,' Trump said, a source told CNN. (Donald Trump unveils three-phase guidelines on reopening the country, telling governors they 'call the shots' on when to end lockdowns - but with NO dates on when to start AND a demand they have large-scale testing)

The Guidelines: Opening Up America Again follows below.

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