Saturday, April 18, 2020

Just Posted: Video Recording of Conference-Roundtable "Coronavirus and International Affairs"

I am delighted to post a recording of the online Conference-Roundtable, "Coronavirus and International Affairs" along with links to the conference website and contributor interviews.

The Conference was held this past Friday 17 April 2020 from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm via the magic of Zoom.   The Conference brought together academics, researchers and others from China, the U.S., Cuba, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Israel.  The exchanges and interventions nicely framed both the baselines from which transformations might be discerned and from them to the shape  of  those changes.  Of course, this was not an oracular exercise; our object was neither to conjecture nor to use the magic of modelling to propose any detailed account of the future of history post COVID-19.  Rather, we worked together to begin to weave, from the testing of our individual and contextual perspectives, what might be a more useful broader basis for approaching the investigation of what may lie ahead from what is being forged today in the heath that is COVID-19.

The VIDEO RECORDING OF THE CONFERENCE may be accessed HERE (because f technical difficulties, Pini Miretski contribution here)
Participant and Contributor Interviews (CPE YouTube Channel): 
Conference Concept Note HERE

Conference Website HERE

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