Monday, April 13, 2020

Interview: Alice Hong on COVID-19 from the Perspective of a Foreign Student in the US for Upcoming Webinar "COVID-19 and International Affairs" (17 April 2020)

In the run up to the Webinar Conference Roundtable, Coronavirus and International Relations, a number of participants and contributors agreed to give short interviews around the conference themes and their own interventions. All Zoom interviews will be posted to the Coalition for Peace and Ethics You Tube Channel COVID-19 Conference Playlist. For our first interview, Flora Sapio spoke to the issues of COVID-19 in Italy and its wider implication. For our second interview, Larry Catá Backer spoke of COVID-19 and meaning making. Yuri Gonzalez was interviewed about COVID-19 and the developing situation in Cuba, which has been able to project medical assistance outward even as it faces the challenges of a developing state.

For our next interview Alice Hong speaks to COVID-19 from the perspective of a foreign student at a US university. She reflects on the way that the great drivers of international relations produce personal and individual effects. She also speaks to the difficulties of dealing with the personal effects  across borders and great distances. 

Ms Hong is an MIA candidate at the School of International Affairs at Penn State University and the President of the Research Network for Law and International Affairs at Penn State. Her interests include International Development and International Relations. She has been involved with various campaigns and conferences related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and applies those experiences to her research. 

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