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Webinar: "Catalyzing Cooperation: Working Together Across AI Governance Initiatives" Event 1 of the International Congress for the Governance of AI (23 March 2021)


  The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, City of Prague, and The World Technology Network will host a 2 hour webinar, "Catalyzing Cooperation: Working Together Across AI Governance Initiatives" which is the first event of its multi-event series "International Congress for the Governance of AI," 23 March 2021 (Noon - 1400 US East Coast; 1900-2100 CET). As they explain it: "Topics will include insights from high-level experts and decision-makers on what comprehensive and trustworthy governance looks like, as well as providing an overview of the Global Governance Network for AI (GGN-AI) proposal." 

Those interested might find the following recently distributed article of some value: Eugenio Vargas Garcia, Multilateralism and Artificial Intelligence: What Role for the United Nations? It offers a useful context for the discussion.  Those interested in some background on aspects of the event might find this essay of interest: Wendell Wallach and Gary Marchant, Toward the Agile and Comprehensive International Governance of AI and Robotics IEEE Proceedings 107(3):505 (March 2019) ("there is a growing consensus that traditional government regulation is not sufficient for the oversight of emerging technologies, such as AI and robot-ics. While government regulators and policy makers still play a critical role, oversight must be expanded to also include new institutions and methods that are more agile, holistic, reflexive,and inclusive." Ibid., p. 506).

The Event will take place: March 23, 2021 Noon-2PM EST, 5-7PM CET
The Zoom registration link is here.

 The Speaker/Program for this event follows below

Coming soon Event 2 in the multi-event series:
April 13, 2021. "Meaningful Inclusivity in Governing the AI Revolution".
9AM-11AM EST, 3-5PM CET, 10-12PM BJT



ICGAI Introductions: 

ICGAI Co-Chair’s

- Michael Møller, Former Director-General of the UN in Geneva

- Nanjira Sambuli, Tech., Public Policy, & Global Governance Policy Analyst


Opening Remarks and United Nations Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation

– Assistant UN Secretary-General Maria Francesca Spatolisano, Officer in Charge, Office of the UN Envoy on Technology


ICGAI Organizers Greetings: 

- Jim Clark, ICGAI co-organizer

- Zdeněk Hřib, The Mayor of Prague, Host city for the original ICGAI on-site event

- Joel Rosenthal, President, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs


Background and Intention of ICGAI:

- Wendell Wallach – Lead ICGAI organizer

International Governance of AI: 

Hosted by Michael Møller


Comprehensive Governance of AI

- Doris Leuthard, Former President of the Swiss Federation (2010-2017); President of the Swiss Digital Initiative

- Lord Clement-Jones, Former Chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on AI; Founding member of the OECD Parliamentary Group on AI

- Danit Gal, Associate fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge; Previously led the AI portfolio in the implementation of the UN Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation as a Technology Advisor


Global Partnership on AI (GPAI)

- Raja Chatila, Professor emeritus Pierre and Marie Curie University; Chair, IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in AI and Autonomous Systems; Co-Chair Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) working group on responsible AI


AI Governance from the Perspective of China

- Xue Lan, Director, Institute for AI International Governance (I-AIIG); Professor and Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University


IEEE AI Governance and Standards Initiative

- Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director IEEE Standards Association


Special Presentations:

Hosted by Nanjira Sambuli


Corporate Self-Governance:

- Anand Rao, Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, PwC


Trustworthy AI: The Drivers of Trust:

- Hilary Sutcliffe, Director Society Inside and TIGTech


The AI Social Contract Index:

- Merve Hickok, Senior Researcher Center for AI and Digital Policy

Global Governance Network for AI Proposal (GGN-AI) and What is to Come 

- Wendell Wallach

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