Thursday, November 10, 2011

Statement from the Officers of Penn State University's Faculty Senate and Senate Council Members

Statement from the officers of Penn State University's Faculty Senate and Senate Council Members

This is a difficult time for our entire University, including our students, staff, alumni, faculty, and administration. The Grand Jury report regarding the alleged actions of a former assistant athletics coach, along with the allegations of perjury and failure to report on the part of administrators, are of immense concern. Until the judicial process is completed, it is inappropriate to comment on the case. All people are entitled to a fair trial without prejudgment. 

We call upon all members of the University community to rededicate ourselves to ensuring the integrity of our institution. Likewise, we are mindful of our collective role in contributing to providing a safe environment for all individuals who participate in our educational programs, and indeed in any activities associated with Penn State. Penn State’s Faculty Senate will continue to do its part, and we urge all members of the University to act, as we believe the vast majority already do, in ways that bring honor to our institution and ourselves.

Daniel R. Hagen, Senate Chair
Larry C. Backer, Chair-Elect
Pamela P. Hufnagel, Secretary
Jean Landa Pytel, Immediate Past Chair

Senate Council Members: 
Mohamad A. Ansari
John W. Bagby
Marilyn J. Blanco

Victor W. Brunsden 
Caroline D. Eckhardt 
Roger A. Egolf
John R. Hellmann 

Zachary T. Irwin 
Gul E. Kremer 
Courtney J. Lennartz 
Albert E. Luloff 
Robert D. Ricketts
James M. Ruiz 
James A. Strauss 
Tramble T. Turner 
Beverly J. Vandiver

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