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"Always Uphold and Fully Utilize the Unique Advantages of the Party" (始终坚持和充分发挥党的独特优势) : Xi Jinping (习近平) and the Institutionalization of Intra-Party Democracy With Chinese Characteristics in the Chinese Communist Party

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (simplified Chinese: 中国共产党第十八次全国代表大会; traditional Chinese: 中國共產黨第十八次全國代表大會 will be the next major Communist Party Congress in China, which will likely be held in the sutom of 2012 in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. It is widely expected that  Xi Jinping (习近平) and Li Keqiang (李克強) will succeed Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao as top Politburo Standing Committee members by October/November 2012, and take over the Presidency and Premiership in March 2013 at the National People's Congress.
It is not surprising, then, that Xi Jinping would make a major policy speech in advance of the Party Congress, one that would build on the theoretical lines developed by his predecessors from the foundational theory of the Chinese Communist Party and state and then seek to further develop these ideas. Xi Jinping did that in "remarks at the closing ceremony of a high-profile seminar attended by provincial and ministerial-level officials, ahead of the CPC's upcoming 18th National Congress."  Vice President stresses socialism with Chinese characteristics, Party building, Xinhua, July 24, 2012.  The speech, Always Uphold and Fully Utilize the Unique Advantages of the Party (始终坚持和充分发挥党的独特优势) was published in the  Qiushi Journal and remains unavailable in English.  A description was made available in English.  That article noted:
Xi said the cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics is a developing undertaking which links the past and the future.

"We should adhere to the guidance of Deng Xiaoping's Theory and the important thought of the Three Represents, implemented the Scientific Outlook on Development, further emancipate the mind and firmly promote reform and opening-up," Xi said." (Ibid).
The central focus of the speech was on the institutional development of the Communist Party and of its role  in China. The speech is most significant le for the development of what is likely to be the animating statement on which policy will be developed--the Communist Party's "Five Advantages": theoretical advantage, political advantage, organizational advantage, and the advantage of close ties with the masses (回顾我们党的历史可以清楚地看到,在长期奋斗中党所形成的独特优势是全面的,包括理论 优势、政治优势、组织优势、制度优势和密切联系群众的优 势。).
This post seeks to make Xi Jinping's speech available to English speaking audiences.  It provides a partial translation of the Quishi Journal article focusing on its critical parts and summarizing the rest. A detailed analysis will be forthcoming.  I note, though, the strong connection between Deng Xiaoping's Four Cardinal Principles (Uphold the Four Cardinal Principles, March 30, 1979), the Three Represents (Sange Daibiao) and the Scientific Development and harmonious society principles that have each sought to add depth to Chinese constitutional theory. (e.g., Backer, Larry Catá, Party, People, Government, and State: On Constitutional Values and the Legitimacy of the Chinese State-Party Rule of Law System (January 12, 2012). Boston University International Law Journal, Vol. 30, 2012). My thanks to my research assistant Keren Wang (Penn State International Affairs MIA 2012 expected) for his translation.

Always Uphold and Fully Utilize the Unique Advantages of the Party
by Xi Jing Ping
Translation by Keren Wang


● First paragraph, Xi extended his congratulations on the 91st Anniversary for the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

● Second paragraph, Xi highlighted some major achievements of the CCP during the
past 91 years. Such as lifting the weak and poor “Old China” under the repression of semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism into this “New China” of thriving socialism. He stressed that the CCP have endured huge sacrifices during its endeavor for the liberation of Chinese people, and through the revival of the Chinese civilization, the CCP has accomplished indelible feats.

● Third paragraph, Xi says that looking back on the history of the party, we can clearly see that, through its the long struggle the party has formed several unique advantages. Those advantages include: theoretical advantage, political advantage, organizational advantage, institutional advantage, and the advantage in forming close ties with the masses.

第一,要充分发挥党的理论优势,最重要的就是必须坚持马克思主义,不断推进马克思主 义中国化时代化大众化,努力提高广大党员和干部的思想理论素质,从理论上保持和发展 党的先进性和纯洁性
I. To fully utilize the theoretical advantages of the Party, the most important is the need to adhere to the Marxist doctrines, and continuously push forward the sinosization, modernization, and popularization of Marxist theories. Efforts must be made to improve the ideological and theoretical education of the party members and cadres, so that we can theoretically maintain and develop the progressiveness and pureness of the Party.
● First, Xi highlighted the importance of adhering to Marxist principles. He points out that the party’s theoretical advantage arises from the ability of the party to apply Marxist principles in the development of China. He also stressed that Marxist ideologies can serve as guidelines and motivating factors for the party members to serve the people.

● Next, Xi emphasized the need to relate theory with practical reality, and combine theory with experience. Xi claims that in order to preserve the vitality of the guiding ideologies and theories, we must be fully aware of the current national conditions and global trends, and continuously augment and improve our theories based on our current understandings.

● Lastly, Xi emphasized the need to educate the party members and cadres. They must have thorough understanding of Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Den Xiaoping theories, “Three Represents”, along with important strategic thought such as the scientific development theory, and the theoretical system of the “socialism of Chinese characteristics”. Also, party members should firmly establish their views based on dialectical materialism and historical materialism, so that they can maintain clear perspectives when facing major adversities.

第二,要充分发挥党的政治优势,最重要的就是必须通过强有力的思想政治工作,教育广 大党员和干部坚定中国特色社会主义信念,坚持贯彻艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国的方针,从政治 上保持和发展党的先进性和纯洁性
II. To fully utilize the political advantage of the Party, the most important is the need to educate our party members and cadres to uphold their beliefs in socialism with Chinese characteristics through intensive trainings in political ideology. Well shall adhere to
the principle of building the nation through hard work and providence, so that we can politically maintain and develop the progressiveness and pureness of the Party.

● The “political advantage” of the party, according to Xi, is the party’s ability to work through hard times and the party’s adherence to the principle of frugality. Xi claims that those political advantages are inherited from the difficult early days of the party; but as Xi points out, in recent years, as the conditions for the party improves, many party members have succumbed to the trappings of power, money, and libido. Xi warned against the party’s potential path to corruption by referring to an ancient Chinese proverb: “Looking at the dynasties from the past, we can conclude that frugality often leads to success, and corruption frequently leads to failure. (历览前贤国与家,成由勤俭 败由奢).” 
第三,要充分发挥党的组织优势,最重要的就是必须坚持健全党的组织体系和完善党的组 织方式,努力建设高素质干部队伍和人才队伍,切实做好抓基层打基础工作,从组织上保 持和发展党的先进性和纯洁性
III. To fully utilize the organizational advantage of the party, the most important is the need to continuously strengthen the Party’s organizational system and improve the organizational style of the Party. We must build our organization based on groups of highly-trained, well-educated cadres and talents; furthermore, we must focus the base- level organizations, work hard to forge a strong organizational foundation, so that we can organizationally maintain and develop the progressiveness and pureness of the party.

● The Party’s “organization advantage” according to Xi comes from its vast membership- - with roughly 4 million base-level organizations and 82 million party members. Xi says that given the size and unity of the Party, the CCP has a vast pool of talents and unique advantage in mobilizing is massive human resources. In order to fully utilize the Party’s unique organizational advantage, Xi again stressed the need to have a highly trained, highly-educated contingent of party cadres, especially mid to higher ranking officers. Further, Xi highlighted the need to find and recruit cadres with the following important qualities: politically loyal, have genuine talents (highly-educated and trained), outstanding performance, and supported by the people.
第四,要充分发挥党的制度优势,最重要的就是必须坚持民主基础上的集中和集中指导下 的民主相结合,不断巩固党的团结统一和增强党的创造活力,从制度上保持和发展党的先 进性和纯洁性
IV. To fully utilize the institutional advantage of the Party, the most important is to remain committed to our foundation of democratic centralism, and combine elements of democracy and central-guidance together. We must continuously strengthen our Party unity, and improve the creativity and vitality of the Party, so that we can institutionally maintain and develop the progressiveness and pureness of the party.

民主集中制是我们党的根本组织制度和领导制度,它正确规范了党内政治生活、处 理党内关系的基本准则,是反映、体现全党同志和全国人民利益与愿 望,保证党的路线 方针政策正确制定和执行的科学的合理的有效率的制度。因此,这是我们党最大的制度优 势。我们要结合新的实际发挥好这个优势,把切实推进党 内民主、促进党内和谐与维护 党的纪律、增进党的团结有机统一起来,充分发挥各级党组织和广大党员的积极性创造 性,努力在党内造成又有集中又有民主、又有纪 律又有自由、又有统一意志又有个人心 情舒畅、生动活泼的政治局面。

Democratic centralism is the fundamental organizational and leadership system for our party. It correctly regulated the political-life within the party, provided basic guidelines for dealing with intra-party relations, reflected the aspirations and interests for all party comrades and citizens alike, ensured the correct formulation of the Party’s policies, as well as providing a system for the effective implementation of scientific, rations, and effective policies. Therefore, this is the biggest institutional advantage for our party. We must combine our existing system with the new realities in order to effectively utilize our advantage in this area. To do this, we must organically combine our efforts to push for democracy within the party, to promote party harmony, maintain party discipline, and enhance party unity. We must fully utilize the enthusiasm and creativity at all levels of Party organizations and members, and make efforts promote a dynamic intra-party political environment that combines the elements of both centralism and democracy, both discipline and freedom, both unity and individual will.

党内民主是党的生命,其实质是按照党章的规定在党内生活中实现党员人人平等, 并且共同参与讨论、决定和管理党内事务。各级党组织要认真落实党章 和党内规章赋予 党员的知情权、参与权、选举权和监督权等各项民主权利,使广大党员在党内生活中真正 发挥主体作用。要积极营造党内民主讨论的环境和健康宽松 的氛围,倡导党员讲真话、 反映真实情况,要求领导干部倾听真话、了解真实情况,在广开言路中集中智慧,在民主 讨论中形成共识。

Intra-party democracy is the lifeline of the party, and its essence is to realize equality among party members, let party members to collectively participate in the discussion and decision-making processes, and manage the party in accordance with the provisions of the party constitution. Party organizations at all levels should conscientiously implement the democratic rights of information, participation, the right to vote, and the right to supervise and discipline to all party members in accordance to the party constitution, so that all party members may play their role in the core functioning of the party. We must actively create a healthy and lively atmosphere for facilitating democratic discussions within the party, encourage party members to speak the truth, to reflect the real situation, and require all party leaders to diligently listen to the ingenuous inputs from the party members and fully understand the real situation. We shall collect knowledge through diverse viewpoints, and form consensus through democratic discussions.

集中统一是党的力量凝聚和行动一致的保证。我国是幅员辽阔、人口众多的发展 中大国,我们党面临着艰巨复杂的改革发展稳定任务,维护党和国家的集 中统一极为重 要。特别要看到,我国社会经济成分、组织形式、就业方式、利益关系和分配方式日益多 样化,只有做到民主基础上的集中,形成正确的方针政策和重 大决策,形成全党的统一 意志,才能增强党的创造力、凝聚力、战斗力,才能保证国家统一、民族团结和社会稳 定,才能保障改革开放和社会主义现代化建设顺利进 行。各级党组织和全体党员要严格 遵守党的纪律特别是政治纪律,自觉在思想上政治上行动上同党中央保持高度一致,维护 中央权威,确保中央政令畅通、令行禁 止。

Centralization is the only way to ensure the Party's strength and consistency. Our nation is a vast, populous developing country, and our party is facing tremendously difficult and complex tasks of reform, develop, and promote stability; therefore, it is extremely important to maintain the centralization and unity of the our party and nation. We must pay specific attention to the rapid changes in China's social and economic sectors, organizational forms of employment, special interest relations, and the increased complexity in the distribution of resources. Only through democratic centralization, the formation of the correct policies and major decisions and the formation of the unified will of the whole party, we may enhance the creativity, cohesion and effectiveness of our party, so that we can ensure our national unity, ethnic cohesion, and social stability. All the above are necessary in order to protect the smooth implementation of Chinese economic reforms and socialist modernization. Party organizations at all levels and all Party members should strictly abide by the discipline of the Party, especially with regard to the adherence to the Party’s political discipline, and must be both politically and ideologically highly consistent with the Party Central Committee. We must protect the legitimacy of the central authority, ensure unobstructed implementations of policies from the central government.

要建设和管理好一个有几千万党员的大党,制度更带有根本性、全局性、稳定性、 长期性。我们要坚持以党章为根本,以民主集中制为核心,坚持和完善 党的领导制度, 改革和完善党的领导方式和执政方式,积极稳妥推进党务公开,完善党代表大会制度和党 内选举制度,完善党内民主决策机制,坚决克服违反民主集 中制原则的个人独断专行和 软弱涣散现象。要加强地方党委领导班子运行机制建设,真正形成领导班子团结协作、高 效运转、能及时发现解决存在的问题与矛盾的工 作机制和管理机制。

To build and manage a large party with tens of millions of party members, the institutional system should be foundational, strategic, stable, and sustainable in the long term. We should adhere to the Party Constitution, and adhere to democratic centralism as our core principle, while continuously improve the Party's leadership system, reform and improve the Party's governance structure, and actively and steadily push forward the transparency of Party affairs, improve party congress system and party electoral system, and enhance the intra-party democratic decision-making mechanism. We must resolutely overcome personal autocratic violations of the principles of democratic centralism, and the pervasive phenomenon of passive governance. We must work hard to develop local party leadership structures, form collaborative mechanisms between different leadership bodies, improve the operational efficiency, and build management structures that can provide effective working mechanisms for dispute resolution.

第五,要充分发挥党密切联系群众的优势,最重要的就是必须坚持党的根本宗旨,贯彻党的群众 路线,使党的一切工作充分体现人民群众的意志、利益和要求,从作风上保持和发展党的先进性 和纯洁性
V. To fully utilize the Party’s advantage in connecting with the masses, the most important is the need to adhere to our party’s basic principles, thoroughly implement party’s general policies for the masses, so that all the works of the Party may reflect the will and interest of the people. We shall maintain and develop the progressiveness and pureness of the party through our work ethic and style.

● In this concluding section, Xi warned party members not to succumb to the trappings of personal interests. That personal interest must conform to the party interest, and the party interest must reflect the will and the interest of the people.

Here is the Quishi Journal article:

发布时间:2012年08月01日 09:00 来源:《求是》 期号:2012/15 作者:习近平 我要评论

字号:【 大 中 小】【打印】 在中国共产党成立91周年即将到来之际,中央决定召开这次大会,表彰全国创先争优先进基 层党组织、优秀共产党员和创先争优活动先进县(市、区、 旗)党委,号召各级党组织和广大党 员向先进集体和优秀个人学习,为夺取全面建设小康社会新胜利而奋斗,这是很有意义的。两年 多来,创先争优活动围绕推动科 学发展、促进社会和谐、服务人民群众、加强基层组织这个总要 求,在全国基层党组织和党员中广泛而深入地开展,取得了丰硕成果。这次受表彰的先进集体和 优秀 个人,都是经过各推荐单位采取自下而上、上下结合的方式推选出来的,对优秀个人还进行 了全国网上投票推荐和网上公示,具有扎实的群众基础。刚才,胡锦涛同 志亲切会见受表彰的代 表,体现了党中央对创先争优活动取得成绩的肯定,是对全体共产党员和基层党组织的关心和鼓 励。在这里,我向受表彰的先进集体和优秀个 人表示热烈的祝贺,向全国各行各业的共产党员致 以节日的问候! 中国共产党成立91年来,领导中国人民进行新民主主义革命、进行社会主义革命和建设、进 行改革开放,目的就是把积贫积弱的半殖民地半封建的旧中 国改造成为欣欣向荣的社会主义的新 中国,彻底实现民族独立和人民解放,实现国家富强和人民富裕,实现中华民族伟大复兴。这是 前无古人、惊天动地的历史伟 业,中国共产党为此付出了巨大的牺牲,建立了永不磨灭的功勋, 因而赢得了全国各族人民的衷心拥护和支持。历史已经反复证明,无论遇到什么样的风险、危机 和 艰难险阻,我们党都能领导人民战胜它们,不断从胜利走向胜利。这是因为我们党是坚持为真 理而斗争、坚持全心全意为人民服务的马克思主义政党,始终同人民群 众保持最密切的联系,形 成了自己的独特优势。这种优势具有决定性的意义和力量,是我们党始终保持先进性和纯洁性的 根本法宝。 回顾我们党的历史可以清楚地看到,在长期奋斗中党所形成的独特优势是全面的,包括理论 优势、政治优势、组织优势、制度优势和密切联系群众的优 势。这些优势,保证了我们党坚持马 克思主义中国化并用中国化的理论成果武装起来,独立自主、自力更生地不断开创事业发展新局 面;保证了我们党坚持远大理想 与具体历史阶段奋斗纲领相统一,始终站在时代前列引领着中国 社会前进的正确方向;保证了我们党能够集中中国工人阶级和中国人民、中华民族的先进分子, 集中 全国各个领域中德才兼备的优秀人才,充分发挥出他们在人民群众中的先锋模范作用;保证 了我们党坚持按照民主集中制原则建立严密的组织体系和铁的纪律,形成 又有民主又有集中基础 上的坚强团结统一,因而具有强大的战斗力。正是这些优势的全面形成和坚持发挥,使我们党能 够由小到大、由弱到强,团结带领全国各族人 民谱写了中国革命、建设、改革的壮丽篇章,根本 改变了中国人民和中华民族的前途和命运。我们一定要十分珍惜这些优势,一定要在建设中国特 色社会主义历史进 程中始终坚持和充分发挥这些优势。 第一,要充分发挥党的理论优势,最重要的就是必须坚持马克思主义,不断推进马克思主义 中国化时代化大众化,努力提高广大党员和干部的思想理论素质,从理论上保持和发展党的先进 性和纯洁性 我们党成立时就把马克思主义鲜明地写在自己的旗帜上,作为党的指导思想。正是因为我们 党成功找到了马克思主义,并且坚持把马克思主义基本原理同 中国具体实际相结合,认识和掌握

中国社会发展的客观规律,才能克服各种错误倾向,不断形成革命、建设、改革的正确路线方针 政策,不断开辟中国人民救国、建 国、兴国的正确道路;也正是因为我们党坚持用科学理论武装 党员、教育人民,才能指引和鼓舞全党同志团结带领人民群众一往无前地为实现国家富强和民族 振兴而 奋斗。可以这样说,我们党进行革命、建设、改革的整个过程,就是坚持以马克思主义为 指导不断认识世界、改造世界的过程;就是坚持立足中国的具体实际、实现 和推进马克思主义中 国化并不断创造出中国化的理论成果和实践成果的过程;就是用科学理论武装起来的中国共产党 人和中国人民不断解放思想、实事求是、与时俱 进的过程。 历史经验告诉我们,要充分发挥党的理论优势,必须坚持理论联系实际、理论与实践相结 合、学习理论与运用理论相结合。这就要求我们必须准确把握我 国基本国情和世界发展大势,深 入研究党和国家事业发展各个历史阶段的阶段性特征,及时总结党领导人民在革命、建设、改革 进程中解决重大问题的经验,作出新 的理论概括,不断丰富和发展理论,永葆指导思想的旺盛生 命力。同时,还要求我们必须按照建设马克思主义学习型政党的要求,教育引导广大党员、干部 深入学习 和掌握马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想,深入学习和掌握包括邓小平理论、“三个代表”重 要思想以及科学发展观等重大战略思想在内的中国特色社会主义理论体系, 牢固树立辩证唯物主 义、历史唯物主义的世界观和方法论,自觉用科学理论指导客观世界和主观世界的改造,在大是 大非面前保持清醒认识,在大风大浪面前坚持正 确立场,不断增强工作的原则性、系统性、预见 性、创造性。 第二,要充分发挥党的政治优势,最重要的就是必须通过强有力的思想政治工作,教育广大 党员和干部坚定中国特色社会主义信念,坚持贯彻艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国的方针,从政治上保持和 发展党的先进性和纯洁性 坚定崇高的政治理想和政治信念以及由此产生的百折不挠的革命意志,始终是中国共产党人 战胜各种艰难险阻,不断夺取革命、建设、改革胜利的强大力 量源泉,也是我们党的巨大政治优 势。革命战争年代,千千万万的共产党人不为官、不为钱,不怕艰苦、不怕坐牢,慷慨赴难、从 容就义,真正做到了为主义和信仰 而奋斗而献身。正如邓小平同志所说的:“过去我们党无论怎 样弱小,无论遇到什么困难,一直有强大的战斗力,因为我们有马克思主义和共产主义的信念。 有了共 同的理想,也就有了铁的纪律。无论过去、现在和将来,这都是我们的真正优势。”现在 我们党执政的条件好了,有些党员和领导干部却在矛盾面前畏缩不前,在困 难面前悲观失望,有 的甚至抵挡不住权力、金钱、美色的诱惑而堕落为腐败分子,根本原因就是政治理想、政治信念 出了问题。各级党组织一定要加强对党员和干部 的思想政治教育,使他们坚定对马克思主义的信 仰,坚定对中国特色社会主义的信念,坚定对改革开放和社会主义现代化建设的信心。每个共产 党员都要志存高远, 把远大理想落实到脚踏实地做好本职工作上,满怀信心地为中国特色社会主 义事业不懈奋斗。 坚持艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国,是新中国一成立我们党就确定的一条重要建国方针,也是党的政 治优势的重要体现。实行这一方针,发挥这一政治优势,不只 是因为我国人口多、底子薄,要尽 快改变“一穷二白”的落后面貌,全党同志和全国各族人民必须艰苦奋斗、勤俭办一切事业,而且 也是由我们党的性质和宗旨所决 定的。改革开放以来,绝大多数党员和干部在艰苦奋斗、勤俭建 国方面做得是好的。但是也要看到,确有一些党员和干部把艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国的方针渐渐淡忘 了, 大手大脚花钱,讲阔气、摆排场,搞所谓个人政绩,追求个人享乐。有的党员和干部甚至 沉湎于灯红酒绿,以致跌入奢侈腐败的深渊,教训是十分深刻的。我们的经 济再发展、国力再提 高、生活再富裕,我们的党员和干部仍然要坚持艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国的方针。要精打细算地节约 一切可以节约的开支,集中更多的财力、物力用 在改善人民群众的物质文化生活上,用在发展社 会公益事业上,用在关系国计民生的国家重点工程、战略工程的建设上,用在基础科学和高端应 用科学技术的研究与 开发上,用在国家持续发展和综合国力的提高上。古人说:“历览前贤国与

家,成由勤俭败由奢。”这是古今中外治国理政的一条共有的警世箴言,我们共产党人更 应该引 为鉴戒。广大党员和干部要始终坚持勤俭为荣、浪费可耻和艰苦为荣、奢侈可鄙的良好风尚,任 何时候都不能丢掉艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国这个党和国家的传家 宝。 第三,要充分发挥党的组织优势,最重要的就是必须坚持健全党的组织体系和完善党的组织 方式,努力建设高素质干部队伍和人才队伍,切实做好抓基层打基础工作,从组织上保持和发展 党的先进性和纯洁性 马克思主义政党力量的凝聚和运用,在于科学的组织。我们党按照马克思主义建党原则,建 立了由党的中央组织、地方组织和基层组织构成的科学严密的 组织体系,使全党形成一个统一整 体,为实现共同目标而奋斗。现在,我们党已发展成为拥有400多万个基层组织、8200多万名党 员的大党,集中了全国数量 众多的先进分子和各方面优秀人才,具有强大的组织动员力。这是巨 大的组织资源和组织优势。充分运用党的组织资源,把各级党委的核心领导作用和基层党组织的 战斗堡垒作用进一步发挥好,把广大党员的先锋模范作用和领导干部的骨干带头作用进一步发挥 好,党和国家事业发展就有了可靠的组织保证。 要充分发挥党的组织优势,必须建设一支高素质、能够担当重任、经得起风浪考验的干部队 伍,特别是要培养和锻炼党的中高级领导干部,形成坚定走中 国特色社会主义道路、善于研究新 情况和解决新问题、干练而充满活力的各级领导层。这就要求我们以更宽的视野和更大的气魄广 开进贤之路,把那些政治坚定、有 真才实学、实绩突出、群众公认的干部及时发现出来、合理使 用起来,让他们充分发挥自己的聪明才智。各级领导干部要自觉加强党性锻炼和实践锻炼,努力 使自己 成为对党忠诚、为民奉献的表率,成为坚持真理、讲求实效的表率,成为为了国家和人民 的利益勇于担当、敢于负责的表率,成为严于律己、清正廉洁的表率。 要充分发挥党的组织优势,还必须进一步巩固和加强党的基层组织,使之成为推动发展、服 务群众、凝聚人心、促进和谐的坚强战斗堡垒。要适应经济结 构和党员流向的发展变化,按照便 于党员参加活动、党组织发挥作用的原则调整优化基层党组织设置,健全基层组织体系,不断扩 大基层党组织覆盖面。要结合经常 性创先争优,加强和改进对党员的教育管理,教育和引导广大 党员始终牢记党的宗旨,心系人民群众,自觉为改革发展稳定贡献自己的全部力量。 第四,要充分发挥党的制度优势,最重要的就是必须坚持民主基础上的集中和集中指导下的 民主相结合,不断巩固党的团结统一和增强党的创造活力,从制度上保持和发展党的先进性和纯 洁性 民主集中制是我们党的根本组织制度和领导制度,它正确规范了党内政治生活、处理党内关 系的基本准则,是反映、体现全党同志和全国人民利益与愿 望,保证党的路线方针政策正确制定 和执行的科学的合理的有效率的制度。因此,这是我们党最大的制度优势。我们要结合新的实际 发挥好这个优势,把切实推进党 内民主、促进党内和谐与维护党的纪律、增进党的团结有机统一 起来,充分发挥各级党组织和广大党员的积极性创造性,努力在党内造成又有集中又有民主、又 有纪 律又有自由、又有统一意志又有个人心情舒畅、生动活泼的政治局面。 党内民主是党的生命,其实质是按照党章的规定在党内生活中实现党员人人平等,并且共同 参与讨论、决定和管理党内事务。各级党组织要认真落实党章 和党内规章赋予党员的知情权、参 与权、选举权和监督权等各项民主权利,使广大党员在党内生活中真正发挥主体作用。要积极营 造党内民主讨论的环境和健康宽松 的氛围,倡导党员讲真话、反映真实情况,要求领导干部倾听 真话、了解真实情况,在广开言路中集中智慧,在民主讨论中形成共识。 集中统一是党的力量凝聚和行动一致的保证。我国是幅员辽阔、人口众多的发展中大国,我 们党面临着艰巨复杂的改革发展稳定任务,维护党和国家的集 中统一极为重要。特别要看到,我 国社会经济成分、组织形式、就业方式、利益关系和分配方式日益多样化,只有做到民主基础上 的集中,形成正确的方针政策和重 大决策,形成全党的统一意志,才能增强党的创造力、凝聚

力、战斗力,才能保证国家统一、民族团结和社会稳定,才能保障改革开放和社会主义现代化建 设顺利进 行。各级党组织和全体党员要严格遵守党的纪律特别是政治纪律,自觉在思想上政治上 行动上同党中央保持高度一致,维护中央权威,确保中央政令畅通、令行禁 止。 要建设和管理好一个有几千万党员的大党,制度更带有根本性、全局性、稳定性、长期性。 我们要坚持以党章为根本,以民主集中制为核心,坚持和完善 党的领导制度,改革和完善党的领 导方式和执政方式,积极稳妥推进党务公开,完善党代表大会制度和党内选举制度,完善党内民 主决策机制,坚决克服违反民主集 中制原则的个人独断专行和软弱涣散现象。要加强地方党委领 导班子运行机制建设,真正形成领导班子团结协作、高效运转、能及时发现解决存在的问题与矛 盾的工 作机制和管理机制。 第五,要充分发挥党密切联系群众的优势,最重要的就是必须坚持党的根本宗旨,贯彻党的 群众路线,使党的一切工作充分体现人民群众的意志、利益和要求,从作风上保持和发展党的先 进性和纯洁性 我们党是在同人民群众的密切联系中成长、发展、壮大起来的。人民是党的力量之源和胜利 之本。没有人民的支持,党就不可能生存和发展,就一事无 成。因此,密切联系群众是我们党的 最大优势。我们任何时候都不能削弱和丢掉这个优势,否则党的一切工作就会成为无源之水、无 本之木,就会招致挫折和失败。 我们党执政以后,有了更好地为人民服务的条件和密切联系群众的环境,同时由于党的历史 方位和社会环境的变化,也增加了脱离群众的危险。这种危险 以及其他危险和考验,需要引起高 度重视。正如胡锦涛同志在庆祝中国共产党成立90周年大会上的讲话所指出的:“执政考验、改 革开放考验、市场经济考验、外 部环境考验是长期的、复杂的、严峻的。精神懈怠的危险,能力 不足的危险,脱离群众的危险,消极腐败的危险,更加尖锐地摆在全党面前”。全党同志特别是各 级 领导干部务必保持清醒的头脑,强化政治意识、大局意识、责任意识、忧患意识,增强自我净 化、自我完善、自我革新、自我提高能力,充分发挥党密切联系群众的 优势,经受住“四个考验 ”,为党和人民事业不断作出自己的贡献。 始终坚持全心全意为人民服务的根本宗旨,是我们党始终得到人民拥护和爱戴的根本原因, 对于充分发挥党密切联系群众的优势至关重要。我们任何时候 都必须把人民利益放在第一位,把 实现好、维护好、发展好最广大人民根本利益作为一切工作的出发点和落脚点,诚心诚意为人民 群众谋利益。在实行改革开放和发 展社会主义市场经济条件下,共产党员仍然要讲奉献,讲个人 利益服从集体利益、局部利益服从全局利益、当前利益服从长远利益;仍然要坚持把人民利益放 在最高 位置,尊重人民主体地位,尊重人民首创精神,想群众之所忧,急群众之所难,谋群众之 所需,从人民最关心最直接最现实的利益问题入手,实实在在为群众解难 事、办好事,把党的宗 旨落实到各项工作中。 党的群众路线是实现党的思想路线、政治路线和组织路线的根本工作路线,必须贯穿于党的 全部工作中。各级领导干部要坚持工作重心下移,经常深入实 际、深入基层、深入群众,真诚倾 听群众呼声,真实反映群众愿望,真情关心群众疾苦,拜群众为师,向群众问计,从群众的实践 中汲取营养、增长智慧,不断提高 新形势下做好群众工作的本领。 中国共产党已经走过了91年光辉的不平凡的历程。按照既定的奋斗目标,我们党要团结带 领人民到中国共产党成立100年时建成惠及十几亿人口的更 高水平的小康社会,到新中国成立 100年时把我国建成富强民主文明和谐的社会主义现代化国家。回首过去,成就辉煌,我们深感 自豪;展望未来,前景光明,我 们信心百倍。让我们紧密团结在以胡锦涛同志为总书记的党中央 周围,高举中国特色社会主义伟大旗帜,以邓小平理论和“三个代表”重要思想为指导,深入贯彻 落 实科学发展观,全面推进党的建设新的伟大工程,在中国特色社会主义伟大事业中充分发挥党 的各方面优势,为全面建成小康社会、实现中华民族伟大复兴而努力奋 斗,以优异成绩迎接党的

十八大胜利召开! (本文是习近平同志2012年6月28日在全国创先争优表彰大会上的讲话。)

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