Saturday, January 26, 2013

Salar Ghahramani on The Role of the State on University Boards of Trustees

My colleague Salar Gharamani, Assistant Professor of Business Law and International Law & Policy, Penn State University, has just posted a paper titled "Fiduciary Duty and the Ex Officio Conundrum in Corporate Governance: The Troublesome Murkiness of the Gubernatorial Trustee's Obligations Toward a University." 

The paper examines the role of nonprofit corporate directors in general and analyzes the governor's role as an ex officio trustee of Penn State in particular. The paper is worth a careful read and some discussion, not just among academics but within the Senate and the Board of Trustees. Ghahramani concludes that "the constant tensions that the current paradigm condones (those between public governance objectives and private corporate governance principles as defined by centuries of fiduciary law), cannot be sustained."

Read more here: Salar Ghahramani on Fiduciary Duty and the Governor as a University Trustee

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