Thursday, August 11, 2016

“来华外国人与近代中国法” 国际学术研讨会 "Foreigners and Modern Chinese Law" International Symposium Conference Program

Tsinghua University Law School, its Research Center for Philosophy of Law and Politics, the Taing hua Modern Law Research Center, and the China Law Review jointly sponsored a Conference, "Foreigners and Modern Chinese Law."  The conference was organized by Professor Xu Zhangrun and Professor Chen Xinyu, Tsinghua University School of Law.

The Conference theme focused on the contribution to the Chinese legal system and legal education of foreigners who came to China from the time of the modern era since the Qing dynasty. The discussion was structured around a set of specific questions of foreigners and modern Chinese law:
--Their contribution and morality about law and jurisprudence in China;
--The opinions about Chinese law;
--Their doctrines and writings about Chinese law, jurisprudence, and legal education;
--Their efforts to spread Western law and legal concepts in China; and 
--Within the scope of the topic, the civilizing force, forms of knowledge and political aspirations around Chinese law
 叁會學坊, the San Hui Fang Society, of Tsinhua University has posted transcripts of the Conference, information about which was posted HERE

The Conference Program (中国语文) follows:

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