Thursday, August 11, 2016

Introducing 叁會學坊, the San Hui Xue Fang (Workshops) of Tsinghua University

In August, Tsinghua University University Law School's Research Center for Philosophy of Law and Politics, the Taing hua Modern Law Research Center, and the China Law Review jointly sponsored a conference entitled, "Foreigners and Modern Chinese Law" (for information see HERE).

I delivered remarks--"China, Law, and the Foreigner: Mutual Engagements on a Global Stage." Those remarks have been transcribed in English and Chinese and posted to the Weibo microblog site of Tsinhua's San Hui Fang Society as Post 161-1 and No. 161-2. I will make the transcript available in a future post.

For this post, and to my non Chinese readers, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce 叁會學坊, the San Hui Fang Workshops, of Tsinghua University Research Center for Philosophy of Law and Politics and sponsored by the Huayu Hanyu Law Research Foundation. It's statement is provided in in English and 中国语文.


San Hui Xue Fang (Workshops)
Tsinghua Law, Politics and Philosophy Huayu Foundation  

San hui Xue Fang (叁會學坊) is a series of workshops established by Tsinghua Law, Politics and Philosophy Research Center and sponsored by the Huayu Hanyu Law Research Foundation. The Centre organizes seminars, symposiums, and salons under this name. We cherish the friendship of scholars and professionals who share our mutual interest in pursuing knowledge and the public good.

In seminars (會讀), we read Chinese and foreign classics and interpret the principles of humanity and natural law. In symposiums (會講), we discuss working papers and debate on political and cultural affairs. In salons (會飲), we exchange philosophical ideas around the sip of tea and fine wine. This is our San Hui Xue Fang, for academics and activists, for personal integrity and perpetual peace.

The work of scholar,
The ring of the morning bell, the echo of the night drum;
The horizon of my sight, where the infinite earth land;
To pursue awareness of the things others think impossible.

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