Monday, October 22, 2018

第十届“政治、法律与公共政策”年会---会议议程 [The 10th Annual Conference on "Politics, Law and Public Policy"--Agenda]

It was my great delight to be able to participate in this year's 10th Annual Conference on "Politics, Law and Public Policy" (第十届“政治、法律与公共政策”年会).

The Conference is sponsored by the Peking University Center for Rule of Law Research, the Peking University Law and Economics Research Center, and the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Chongqing University, with special thanks to the Hong Kong Lida Group.  The Conference start October 27, 2018 and will be held in Wang Kezhen Building at Peking University. 主办单位 北京大学法治研究中心 北京大学法律经济学研究中心 重庆大学人文社会科学高等研究院. 特别鸣谢; 香港丽达集团; 2018年10月27日; 地点:北京大学王克桢楼20楼会议室.

The conference touches on quite relevant emerging themes of constitutionalism that are worthy of greater study. Jiang Shigong will moderate "Theme 1 The Constitution of the Great Powers and the Paradigm of Constitutional Studies" [主题一  《大国宪制》与宪制研究的范式 【主持人】强世功].  Yu Ming moderates "Theme 2 International System, Empire and International Law" [主题二   国际体系、帝国与国际法 【主持人】于明 ]. Hou Meng moderates "Theme 3 Constitutional, political parties and state building" [主题三  宪制、政党与国家建设 【主持人】侯猛]. Gao Shan will moderate "Theme 4 New Vision in Legislation and Judicial Studies" [主题四  立法与司法研究新视野 【主持人】高山]. Zhang Weiwei will moderate "Theme 5: Political and Legal Order and China's Road" [主题五:政法秩序与中国道路  【主持人】张薇薇]. Theme 6Law and Pubblic policy will be moderated by Chang an [主题六  法律与公共政策 【主持人】常安]. Jiang Shigong will provide the opening address [开幕致辞:强世功], and I will speak briefly to issues of socialist constitutional democracy in the age of accountability with Hou Meng as opeiong moderator [开幕主持人: 侯猛]. The Agenda (会议议程) is provided below. 仅限中文

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