Thursday, February 27, 2020

Lawyers Communicating With Clients--Interview With Mohammad Al-Moshigh

I was honored to have been interviewed by Mohammad Al-Moshigh (LL.B, LL.M. legal specialist) who is doing advanced graduate study here at Penn State.

In his words:
Today I had the honor to speak with the godfather of Law and my greatest Professor Larry Catá Backer .It was an interesting interview in which we talked about the most important skill that lawyers should have when communicating with their clients.🙏🏻 take this opportunity to re-post his interview (original here). The interview is in English but also includes Arabic subtitles (العناوين الفرعية العربية).

I appreciated the opportunity to think a little more deeply about the very core of what it means to think (and act) like a lawyer, and the nature of that outlook on a lawyer's obligation to clients, and the social order. The direct link to the interview may be accessed here.

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