Saturday, September 16, 2017

Social Credit (China and Abroad; Public and Private): Index of Posts

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I have started thinking through the issues around social credit generally, and the Chinese Social Credit project. I will be working through the issues and practices that are presented by the emergence of Social Credit theory--both in China (as an indigenous and quite complex set of policies, advances on political theory, and operational challenges), and in the rest of the world. To understand the shaping of law today (and soft law as well) one must understand social credit. To understand social credit, one must understand the evolving structures of the relationships, in law and politics, of the relationships between states, its masses, and the institutions through which it operates.

This post includes an index (chronological) of the Social Credit postings to Law at the End of the Day.


9. China's Social Credit System and Foreign Direct Investment: Will Foreign Rating Agencies Help Build Chinese Social Credit Systems? (Sept. 4, 2017);

10.  Social Credit in the West: Non-State Rating Systems for CSR Compliance (Sept. 16, 2017);

11. Democracy Part 40: From Mass Democracy to The "Wisdom of the Crowd"-- Socializing People for Roles in New Data Driven Governance (Sept. 17, 2017);

12.  Upcoming Conference: The Chinese Social Credit System 2017“ 法与信用体系国际研讨会”预通知 (Shanghai Jaiotong University (上海交通大学) 23 Sept. 2017)  (Sept. 19, 2017);

13. Posting Conference Draft of "Measurement, Assessment and Reward: The Challenges of Building Institutionalized Social Credit and Rating Systems in China and in the West": Presentation for Chinese Social Credit System Conference “ 法与信用体系国际研讨会”预通知 (Shanghai Jaiotong University (上海交通大学) 23 Sept. 2017) (21 Sept. 2017);

14. Closing Remarks: Social Credit, Big Data Management and Governance—New Possibilities, New Realities; International Symposium on Rule of Law & Social Credit Systems;Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China  (23 Sept. 2017);

15. (CPC Central Committee and State Council On Creating a Healthy Environment for Entrepreneurship) 中共中央国务院关于营造企业家健康成长环境 弘扬优秀企业家精神更好发挥企业家作用的意见 (27 Sept. 2017);

16. 合法审慎地用好社会信用 (Legally and Prudently Use Social Credit): Initial Chinese Public Commentary on the Newly Adopted Shanghai Social Credit Regulations (1 Oct. 2017);

17. 《不能让算法决定内容》"Do Not Rely on Algorithm to Decide": The Transformation of Power Relationships in the Wake of Social Credit and Big Data Management Governance (5 Oct. 2017);

18. Flora Sapio Reflections on 《不能让算法决定内容》"Do Not Rely on Algorithm to Decide";

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