Wednesday, July 17, 2019

QR Codes for Short Course at Universidad Latina de Panamá: "Introduction to the Language and Systems of Law in the US"

I have been posting the PowerPoints developed for the short course meant to introduce foreign lawyers and law students to the language of law, the ideologies, and the sub-systems of what together constitutes U.S. law. The Program was sponsored by the Universidad Latina de Panamá and Penn State Law. 

For ease of reference I have posted here QR Codes for each of the lectures.  They follow below and I hope they may prove useful.  Happy to chat with those interested about the soon to be published book on which these lectures were based, on the teacher's manual which should be completed soon, additional problem sets and exercises, or generally about the design and presentation of similar short courses.

The PowerPoints and related links may also be accessed HERE:  Panama-PSUIntroUSLaw2019 

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