Monday, January 04, 2021

Video Recording of Panel 1 (Cuba's Economic Situation ans Strategy) Now Available--ASCE 2021 Conference (4-6 January 2021)--"Caught in a Perfect 'Storm': Are Havana's Responses Sufficient?


I am delighted to be able to share with you the video recording of the Conference Opening and first Panel (Cuba's Economic Situation and Strategy) presentations (along with the marvelous discussion that followed).



Monday, January 4, 2021 9.30 am Conference Opening Gary Maybarduk 10:00 am-12:00 noon 1. Cuba’s Economic Situation and Strategy Chair: Carlos Seiglie, Rutgers University --Ernesto Hernández-Catá, “The Misery of Merchandise Exports and the Sustainability of the Cuban Balance of Payments” --Luis Luis, "Cuba: Dollar Crunch, Dollarization and Devaluation” --Jorge Sanguinetty, “Why is Cuba´s Response to the Economic Crisis Insufficient?” --Tamarys L. Bahamonde-Perez, University of Delaware, “Cuba’s Bureaucratic System and the Economic Crisis”

Conference PPTs and other materials may be accessed HERE.

All video recordings of the Conference ASCE 2021 may be found on the YouTube Channel of the Coalition for Peace & Ethics HERE 

There is still time to register (free) and participate in the remaining panels which will be held  through 6 January.

 Reminder-- registration is now open for the 2021 ASCE Conference--Caught in a Perfect Storm: Are Havana's Responses Sufficient?, which is scheduled to take place 4-6 January 2021.

Conference Website may be accessed here: With information about participants, registration, and useful inks.

Pre-Conference Interview Series These may be accessed via CPE YouTube Channel. Follow the link above for the listing of all interviews and links to your favorites.
Concept Note: The theme of ASCE’s January conference will focus on Cuba’s current economic problems and the Cuban governments announced responses (reforms). The focus will be on analysis of policies and suggested policies that improve those reforms. Indeed, the issue of Reform, yet again, as it has so many times over the long arc of the history of post “revolutionary” Cuba, has been one of developing elegant statements of idealized objectives and then offering what in retrospect might be characterized second or third best solutions; and that might be the only thing on offer now. Yet even these second best solutions can be used to bring significant improvements to the Cuban economy.
The Conference Program may be accessed HERE. The Conference extends over three days and offers six exciting events. They include five panels: They include (1) Cuba's Economic Situation and Strategy; (2) Cuba's External Relations; (3) US-Cuba Economic Relations; (4) Cuban Agricultural Challenges; an (5) the Cuba-Venezuela Crisis. In addition Jorge Dominguez has organized a marvelous discussion around the book La Cuba que quisimos: Essays on the New Cuban Constitution.

Registration is required but free; space is limited. Registration permits the user to attend any combination of the six Conference events. Those wishing to attend all events, for example, must register for all six. Those wishing to attend fewer events may register for those panels of interest to them. Please contact us with questions. Attendance for each event requires a separate registration. Registration links for each of the Panels follows below. Or access via this QR Code:

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