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Announcing Publication of Papers and Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy

I am happy to announce that the proceedings of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, held August 2-4, 2012 have been published.  

The ASCE is well known for producing some very well researched economic, political and governance articles, and the papers here are no exception. There are a number of interesting and provocative papers in these proceedings, including some valuable economic analysis from Cuban economists working inside Cuba.   Links to all of the papers are provided below.

Cuba in Transition: Volume 22
Papers and Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Meeting
Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE)
The Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel
Miami, Florida
August 2–4, 2012
Papers presented at the Conference are now Available at ASCE’s Website
All of the papers posted here are in PDF format and can be read
with Acrobat Reader software.

Conference Program
Table of Contents

· Where is Cuba Going? Economic Policies that Have Been Adopted and Results Thus Far
Joaquín P. Pujol

· Situación de la economía cubana
Oscar Espinosa Chepe

· The Politics of Cuban Transformation—What Space for Authoritarian Withdrawal?
Vegard Bye

· The International Financial Institutions and Cuba: Relations with Non-Member States
Richard E. Feinberg

· Cuba's Membership in the IMF and Other International Financial Institutions and their Possible Role in Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth in Cuba
Joaquín P. Pujol

· Comments on Richard Feinberg's "Reaching Out"
Rolando H. Castañeda

· Comment: Cuba and the International Financial Institutions
Lorenzo L. Pérez

· Transition Policies Twenty Years Later: Lessons for the Case of Cuba
Gabriel Di Bella, Rafael Romeu and Andy Wolfe

· The Growth of the Cuban Economy in the First Decade of the XXI Century: Is it Sustainable?
Ernesto Hernández-Catá

· Cuba: External Cash Flow, Barter Trade and Potential Shocks
Luis R. Luis

· Market Orientation and Business Performance in Cuban Firms:
A Comparative Analysis of State-Owned Versus Joint Venture Firms
Julio Cerviño, Joan Llonch and Josep Rialp

· Una isla 1.0 en un mundo 2.0
Yoani Sánchez

· Social Media in Contemporary Cuba
Enrique S. Pumar

· Cuba Platform Fisheries: Collapse or Recovery?
Sergio Díaz-Briquets

· Furthering Cuban Reforms Through Agricultural Trade
Timothy Ashby and Stephen J. Kimmerling

· U.S. Food and Agricultural Exports to Cuba: Progress, Problems and Prospects
William A. Messina, Jr.

· La Iglesia como puente de acercamiento
Orlando Márquez Hidalgo

· Cuba: La Iglesia Católica y el Estado en tiempos de revolución—Una aproximación histórica
Javier Figueroa de Cárdenas

· El crecimiento de la iglesia protestante y la libertad religiosa
Teo A. Babún, Jr.

· Comentarios sobre la Iglesia y las reformas en Cuba
Lorenzo L. Pérez

· Religion and Reforms in Cuba
Enrique S. Pumar

· "Cubans: An Epic Journey"—Genesis of a Book
Sam Verdeja and Guillermo Martínez

· The Contribution of the Cuban Diaspora in Business and Finance
Leonardo Rodríguez

· Cuban Real Estate Framework Laws
Rolando Anillo

· The Impact of Cuba's New Real Estate Laws on the Island and the Diaspora
Antonio R. Zamora

· The Proletarian Corporation: Organizing Cuban Economic Enterprises in the Wake of the Lineamientos—Property Rights Between Corporations, Cooperatives and Globalization
Larry Catá Backer

· Cuba 2012: El fin de las reformas socioeconómicas ligeras o cosméticas en tiempos difíciles (O la Gran Falacia)
Rolando H. Castañeda

· Prospects For Reform in Cuba: Is Raúl Castro Serious About Liberalizing the Cuban Economy?
Armando S. Linde

· From Chaos to a Socialist Market Economy: A Contribution to the Understanding of Current Changes and Trends in Cuba
Domingo Amuchástegui

· Can Cuban Rulers Rule Cuba?
Jorge Domínguez

· Political Intolerance and Cuba's Future: To Hell in a Hand Basket
Jorge L. Romeu

· Cuba's 1950 Midterm Elections: The Island's Last Democratic Poll
Ilan Ehrlich

· Apreciaciones psicohistóricas de la emigración y el exilio
Carmen Díaz

· Entre la espada y la reforma migratoria
Haroldo Dilla Alfonso

· Access to Human Health, Freedoms and Other Standards of Living Development in Cuba
Rodolfo J. Stusser

· Cuba: Economic Growth, Aging, and Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability
Gabriel Di Bella, Rafael Romeu and Andy Wolfe

· Venezuela: El próximo ajuste económico fundamental—Compleja situación en 2012 y perspectivas inmediatas
Rolando H. Castañeda

· Oil and Democracy in Cuba: Going Towards Nigeria or Norway?
Roger R. Betancourt

· Petróleo y rentismo entre Cuba y Venezuela
Carlos A. Romero

· Turismo, migración y proyectos de codesarrollo en el escenario turístico cubano
José L. Perelló Cabrera

· The Future of the City of Havana: The Economic Dimension
Jorge A. Sanguinetty

· The Cuban Labor Market: Availability and Interpretation of Statistics
Jorge F. Pérez-López

· Does Cuba Share Responsibility for Human Rights at Guantanamo Bay?
Michael J. Strauss

· Appendix A: About the Authors

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