Friday, April 15, 2016

Just Published: Papers Delivered at the International Law Symposium: "Critical Global Business Issues: When Theory Meets Practice"

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It was my great pleasure to have participated in the 2015 Symposium sponsored by the Center for Global Law and Policy and the Journal of International Law at Santa Clara University School of Law. The symposium brought together a strong and diverse group of people to speak to issues around the symposium theme: "Critical Global Business Issues: When Theory Meets Practice" (discussed HERE).

The Santa Clara Journal of International Law has just published the papers produced for that Symposium.  They are quite interesting and worth a read, especially for those working on issues of business "regulation" beyond the state or those interested in the ways in which international standards may be seeping into the once well protected fortress of domestic corporate law. 

The articles with links for easy access are set out below.

Current Issue: Volume 14 (2015-2016), Issue 1 (2015-2016)

Defending the "Higher Walls" - The Effects of U.S. Export Control Reform on Export Enforcement
James E. Bartlett III and Jonathan C. Poling

A Better Way Through the Export Control Thicket
Stanley J. Marcuss and Michael B. Zara

China's Enforcement of Its Anti-Monopoly Law and Risks to Multinational Companies
Daniel C.K. Chow

Antitrust or Industrial Protectionism?: Emerging International Issues in China's Anti-Monopoly Law Enforcement Efforts
Thomas J. Horton

A Snapshot of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Mike Koehler

Emerging Issues in Compliance With the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Case of Arrested Development
H. Lowell Brown

Is Corporate Patriotism a Virtue?
David Yosifon

Corporate Social Responsibility in Weak Governance Zones
Larry Catá Backer

Intentional Blindness: Psychological Barriers Between Legal Mandates and Progress Toward Workplace Gender Equality
Rachel J. Anderson

Keynote Address at the "Critical Global Business Issues: When Theory Meets Practice" Internationa Law Symposium Held at Santa Clara University School of Law [February 6-7, 2015]
Richard Boucher

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