Friday, January 27, 2017

Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy: January 2017 Newsletter

Happy to provide links to the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy (ASCE) Newsletter for January 2017.

The Newsletter may be accessed here

The President's letter follows.

Dear ASCE Members,

Since our last Newsletter issued in October, Fidel Castro has passed causing many mixed emotions, especially among Cubans and Cuban-Americans, including those currently living within the island and those living in exile. These mixed emotions are expressed eloquently by ASCE members including the OSV Newsweekly article by Enrique Pumar who reflected on Castro’s legacy and Cuba’s uncertain future, Jorge Luis Romeu’s article in who discusses the impacts of Castro’s death on political and economic change in Cuba, and Larry Catá Backer's article which reflects on the lessons that might be drawn from Fidel Castro’s legacy and concludes that "Las ideas no se matan" (ideas are not killed). The URL for all three of these articles can be found at: Castro’s death coupled with a new President Donald Trump calls into question, “Where does Cuba’s future stand?” Will diplomatic relations continue to normalize between Cuba and the U.S. or will they revert back to pre- President Barack Obama conditions?

This uncertainty is captured well in the theme for the upcoming Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference scheduled for the Downtown Miami Hilton on July 27 to 29, 2017 entitled, “Cuba: Navigating in a Turbulent World.” Here conference participants will be able to reflect on the possible impacts of recent events on Cuba’s economic future. If you have written about the impacts of recent events on Cuba’s economy or about topics related to business, entrepreneurship, and other related economic issues in Cuba please consider submitting an abstract for potential presentation at the conference. Information about how to submit an abstract is included within this Newsletter. Please consider registering early for the conference at:
ASCE has also initiated fund-raising efforts for this upcoming conference. Fund-raising is aimed at providing financial support for the students competing in the student paper competition and for financial support for Cuban scholars living within Cuba who can enrich scholarly discussions about Cuba’s economic issues. In addition to soliciting funds from U.S. Foundations we also ask our membership and those interested in supporting the ASCE meeting to contact us at in the event that you are able to provide financial support for student or Cuban Scholar travel to the conference. In addition to our Annual Meeting which is ASCE’s signature event we have several other activities planned which are described within our Newsletter. So please continue reading. 
Helena Solo‐Gabriele, ASCE President, and Roger de La Torre, Newsletter Editor

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