Thursday, October 19, 2017

新时代中国特色社会主义思想 (Socialism With Chinese Characteristics in the New Era): Briefing on Party Self Supervision Reform

Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the NewEra--新时代中国特色社会主义思想--that is the central theme of the Report delivered by Xi Jinpin during the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress in Beijing. This Report will prove especially important for the development of key concepts of Chinese Communist Party principles and the forward organization of the state apparatus and the principles under which policy decisions will be made.

Resources: the official site of the Congress Press Centre-- (Chinese) (English)
The site for the Conference on (Chinese).

Over the next week or so I will be posting about portions of the Report and then providing some reflections.  We are organizing a Rountable on the 19th CCP Congress as well for the the first week of November.

This post includes some of the key provisions of the Report. The Briefing of Xi’s Report to the 19th CPC National Congress focused on supervision systems (Miaoqiang Dai translating) includes the key provisions for Communist Party supervision, that is for the development of new mechanisms for Communist Party discipline in the New Era.  There is much here to unpack. The ENGLISH and Chinese versions follow.


Briefing of Xi’s Report to the 19th CPC National Congress focused on supervision systems
Miaoqiang Dai Translating


Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in New Era


Establishing visitatorial supervision system in Party Committees at municipal and county level


At the present state, the anti-corruption campaign is still facing significant complexity and difficulty, we need to be firmly determined in consolidating the overwhelming stance and secure overwhelming victory. We need to stick to the anti-corruption campaign with full coverage and no exclusion zone neither tolerance. We need to stick to the anti-corruption campaign with emphasizing on containment, the exertion of high pressure, and long last frightening. We need to stick to an investigation that covers both the giving and the taking sides of bribery, making sure that there is no interest group emerge within the party. We need to establish visitatorial supervision system in Party Committees at municipal and county level, strengthen the punishment for corruption around our people. We are going to bring those corrupt officials to justice wherever they fled to.

On Party and National Supervision System


National Supervision Law


We should complete the party and the national supervision system. To enhance the party’s self-purifying capability, we need to enhance the party’s self-supervision and supervision from the people. We should enhance restriction and supervision on power, let the people supervise power and let the power operates under the sunshine and within the cage of regulations. We should strengthen the organizational supervision which comes from top to bottom, improve democratic supervision which comes from bottom to top, give play to mutual supervision among peers, and enhance daily supervision over leading cadres of party members. We should deepen political visitatorial supervision, stick to the aim of finding problems and frightening, establish supervision network in which visitatorial supervision on different levels could be linked and interact with each other. We should deepen national supervision system reform. (To put it precisely) we should spread the pilot projects to the whole nation, establish supervision committee at national, provincial, municipal, and county level. Those supervision committees should merge office and work with the party’s discipline inspection organs, covering supervision over all public servants who exercise public power. We should make the National Supervision Law, empower the Supervision Committee with duties and inspection means according to the law, employ Detention to replace ShuangguiI. We should reform the management system for audit and complete statistics system. We should establish a supervision system that is under the centralized instruction of the party, has a well-rounded coverage, authority and efficiency. We should connect supervision within the party with state’s organ’s supervision, democratic supervision, judicial supervision, the people’s supervision and the public opinion’s supervision so that we can enhance the joint power of supervision.


Risk prevention and control mechanism


We should enhance our capability to control risk, complete risk prevention and control mechanism at each aspect. We should deal effectively with each kind of complex conflicts, be brave to conquer difficulties on our way to success and hold firm to the initiative right to take action in our work.

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