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Further Statement from the Authorities on the Situation in Hong Kong: 坚决支持香港警方严正执法制止暴力 ["Strongly Support the Hong Kong Police to Strictly Enforce the Law and Stop Violence"]

The situation in Hing Kong continues to be dynamic.  It is understood that the Italian diplomatic corps have been tweeting about events and insinuating the possibility of effects of the HK situation on approaching China's Belt and Road Initiative.  Opinion polls have been circulating about the mood of the population.  And there is still unrest on the streets. And there may be activity in Shenzhen.

It is in the context of these fast moving events that the publication today, in all local news outlets of a headline article--坚决支持香港警方严正执法制止暴力 ["Strongly Support the Hong Kong Police to Strictly Enforce the Law and Stop Violence"]-- issued by the "People's Daily Commentator" provides a valuable insight into the thinking and mood of the authorities in the current situation. It appears as an Upper A1 version and a lower A2 version.

Both parts of the article (Upper A1 and Lower A2)) appear below 以及原始的中文版本 and with a crude English translation.  In the spirit of the Mass Line, recent polling information (修訂逃犯條例」民意調查結果簡報鍾庭耀博士香港民意研究所主席及行政總裁2019年8月2日 [Revised Fugitive Offenders Ordinance Briefing on Poll Results Dr Chung Ting Yiu Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Institute of Public Opinions August 2, 2019]), likely known to the central authorities and worthy of analysis, is also reproduced below.

A2 Version






Resolutely support the Hong Kong police to strictly enforce the law to stop the violence [Emphasis added]

People's Daily Commentator

From the siege of the Legislative Council, the Hong Kong Liaison Office, to the siege of police stations, the manufacture of explosives and other violent weapons, the recent escalation of violence in Hong Kong has made people who love Hong Kong feel distressed. Hong Kong's top priority is to resolutely support the Hong Kong police in strictly implementing law enforcement to stop the violence, restore social stability as soon as possible, and safeguard Hong Kong's good rule of law.

For more than a month, the Hong Kong opposition and radical violent deliberate violent incidents have completely exceeded the scope of peaceful demonstrations, separated from the track of appeals and distorted the incident itself. As we all know, the incident was caused by the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. However, the SAR Government has long announced that the suspension of the amendments will be suspended and the corresponding legislative work will be completely stopped. However, the radical violent elements have not only stopped, but have also intensified. They blocked the Hong Kong Liaison Office, defiled the national emblem, besieged the police station, beaten the police, insulted the national flag, and even shouted the slogan of "Hong Kong independence" in illegal assembly and assembly. They not only trampled on the rule of law in Hong Kong, but also touched the "one country, two systems" principle. . There are indications that radical violent elements are not aimed at anti-reforms. They simply confuse Hong Kong, ruin Hong Kong, and destroy "one country, two systems."

No civilization or rule of law society will tolerate rampant violence. We have seen that the Hong Kong police have been under tremendous pressure as the guardian of social order throughout the spread of the incident. The SAR police have always approved and provided necessary assistance in accordance with the peaceful procession rally in Hong Kong. However, the radical violent elements used the peaceful march as a cover. Every time they broke through the bottom line of the rule of law, they attacked the police with bricks, iron bars and even petrol bombs. They used poisonous and harmful liquids, powders to attack the police, and even bit the police fingers. The cruelty of their actions was horrendous. (Lower A2 version)

Upper A1 Version

坚决支持香港警方 严正执法制止暴力







Resolutely support the Hong Kong police
Strict law enforcement to stop violence
[Emphasis added]

(Upper A1 version) They also incited the hatred of the police, they crowdsourced  information about the families of the police, viciously cursing the police children. In the case of both personal and family suffering, the Hong Kong Police Force still adheres to its duties, dedication, fearlessness and humiliation. It is admirable and its professionalism deserves the approval of the people of Hong Kong.

Violent shocks have seriously threatened the public safety of Hong Kong and have a serious impact on the rule of law, social order, economic livelihood and international image. The retail industry was the first to suffer, and its turnover fell sharply for more than a month. What people are worried about is that if the violence continues, the foundation of the rule of law, business environment, social order and other Hong Kong's economic base will be destroyed. From the current situation, to effectively stop the violence, we cannot rely solely on the Hong Kong police to fight alone. All walks of life in Hong Kong must take full action and have a clear-cut attitude against violence and resistance to violence.

I hope that the people of Hong Kong will clearly understand the seriousness of the current state of affairs, firmly say "no" to the radical violent elements, and firmly say "no" to the forces that attempt to destroy "one country, two systems", mess up Hong Kong, and ruin Hong Kong, and resolutely stop their scourge. Hong Kong's actions strongly support the Hong Kong police in strictly implementing law enforcement to stop the violence.

Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong. The prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is related to the well-being of more than 7 million Hong Kong citizens. It is related to the sovereignty and security of the country and is related to the future and destiny of "one country, two systems." The central government firmly supports the Hong Kong police, relevant departments and the judiciary in punishing violent violations and prosecuting the criminal responsibility of violent offenders.

On August 5, the People’s Daily

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 4th


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